• Newsletter – November 1 2019

    Newsletter – November 1 2019

    “Woolworths and the underpayment of its staff – now this is clearly one of the biggest breaches that Australia has ever seen from Australia’s largest employer.  Now the important part about this is Woolworths has self-reported.  And perhaps the argument could be that the whole award system in Australia is so complicated and convoluted that […]Read More »
  • 9News: CBA ‘Simpler and Better’?

    9News: CBA ‘Simpler and Better’?

    Peter Overton, Nine News Sydney: Simpler and better – the catch cry from Australia’s largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank as it tries to move on from the scandals of the Royal commission. But when it comes to explaining why the banking giant hasn’t passed on the Reserve Bank rate cuts in full, things aren’t so […]Read More »
  • Why has IMF downgraded Australia’s economic growth?

    Why has IMF downgraded Australia’s economic growth?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Australian National University Professor Warwick Mckibbin after the International Monetary Fund has downgraded Australia’s economic growth forecasts amid slowing global growth. Ross Greenwood: I want to take you now to the economy and indeed these forecasts from overnight. As I’d said, the International Monetary Fund downgrading global growth but also downgrading […]Read More »
  • Are the bees actually dying?

    Are the bees actually dying?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to NSW Apiarists’ Association President Stephen Targett as climate groups have been shining a light on the decline of the bee population, but why are they really dying? Interview with: Stephen Targett, President, NSW Apiarist’s Association Image source: 2GBRead More »
  • What happens when interest rates hit zero?

    What happens when interest rates hit zero?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to ING Asia chief economist Robert Carnell after the Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe has indicated what would happen when interest rates hit zero. Ross Greenwood: Well, we are talking about the Reserve Bank. Now, the interesting part about the governor of the Reserve Bank, Philip Lowe. He’s the boss of the […]Read More »
  • Are house prices recovering?

    Are house prices recovering?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to CoreLogic’s Tim Lawless as the housing market is on track for recovery after property prices in Sydney and Melbourne increased by 1.7 per cent in September. Ross Greenwood: Let’s now go to home prices because today what you saw was that home price values in Melbourne and Sydney have been rising […]Read More »

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