9News: An inside tour of the Prime Minister’s Office

I spoke to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who gave us a behind the scenes look at a different side to our nation’s leader

An Inside Tour of the Prime Minister’s Office

Lisa Wilkinson: Now, as we’ve just heard Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is this morning in a big bust up with the banks following yesterday’s budget.

It’s an intense time for the Prime Minister but he still found time to talk to our finance editor Ross Greenwood for us.

Good Morning Ross, what did he have to say?

Ross Greenwood: I’ll tell you what Lisa, it’s quite interesting because on one of the biggest busiest days of the year for the Treasurer, this was quite, as for the Treasurer and also the Prime Minister of course, this  was really quite an interesting insight to sort of take you behind the scenes into his office –  to sort of reveal a different side of our nation’s leader –  just, just take a look…

Malcolm Turnbull: Come in!

Ross: Thank you Prime Minister, thank you so much for your time.

Malcolm: Great to be here…

Ross: Do you know something? I’ve covered politics for a long time, I’ve never been in your office before.

Never been in the Prime Minister’s office before…

Malcolm: Well, here it is.

Ross: Do you want to give us a guided tour?

Malcolm: Oh yes, sure.

Well this is, uh, this is, this is, where my desk – standing desk

Ross: Standing desk?

Malcolm: You know  – they say sitting is the new smoking all over…

Ross: Right…

Malcolm:  I don’t get a lot of time to sit at all…

Ross: An important question right now, after the budget, you’ve now got to sell this to the Australian people…but it’s quite a different budget isn’t it? It’s not the same budget that we’ve seen from the previous coalition governments in this period of time?

Malcolm: Well it’s the budget for our times.

It’s a budget that is fair, it’s responsible; it provides real incentives for business to invest, and employ; provides $75 billion for infrastructure.

It guarantees Medicare.

Ross: The key meeting for the budget took place on this one…

Malcolm: Well, a lot of them did, yeah, absolutely.

So the leadership meets here in the morning and this is ah, this is a good space for a small meeting.

Well it’s not a fantasy budget, Ross.

You’ve got, you got to live in the real world, okay.

So the government’s proposed changes, they put them in the budget, and they do their best to get them through, and we have done our best to get them through.

And there I am in my kayak, you can see the sharks just closing in…

Ross:  So that… is that what it feels like when you the Prime Minister just delivered a budget?

Malcolm:  A little bit, you know, there’s always that, that tendency…

Ross:  Tell me about homebuyers… because clearly home loan affordability up the Eastern Seaboard has become what you’ve described as a crisis…

Malcolm:  The housing packages, is there’s a lot of measures in it.

It’s been very well thought out; it’s been very well received by the housing industry because they can see the thoroughness with which Scott has approached this the comprehensive nature of it – dealing with, you know, first time first time buyers in there, savers and their 20s to people in their mid 60’s, who are thinking of downsizing right across the board.

Increasing supply, providing help to first homebuyers, encouraging people when they choose to downsize to do so, and of course all of that creates more supply.

There’s Luce… that’s on the day I was sworn in as PM…with Daisy and son-in-law James and little Jack who, of course, is not so little anymore…

Ross: You speak to a lot of people around the place – do you think they’ll buy this budget?

Malcolm: Well I believe Australians will see that it is fair, it’s responsible, it’s creating opportunity and it’s providing security

Ross: Prime Minister – thank you so much for you time

Malcolm: Thank you

Ross: Thanks for the guided tour too

Malcolm: Thank you, it’s good to be here with you

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