A to Z list of People Interviewed

As at May 10th 2018 the following are interviews with Ross Greenwood.  Since March 2017 over 860 Interviews and most of them transcribed!!

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Interviewed (#) TimesDatePage Title
Adam Linforth, Owner, Budgy Smuggler (2)6/2/2018Origins Australia: Budgy Smuggler
15/3/2018Australian swimwear making a splash globally
Adam Mills, Co-Founder, KoalaSafe (1)22/11/2017When will Amazon Australia go live?
Adam Nance, Director, Sydney Harley Owner’s Group (1)17/3/2018Harley Davidson and the Beaumont Children: Factory in Adelaide at center of scandal
Adam Stein, Professor of Finance, Charles Sturt University (1)12/10/2017What happens to your cyber life when your real life ends?
Adrian Dwyer, CEO,Infrastructure Australia (1)25/5/2017Privatising public transport
Adrian Lovney, CEO, New Payments Platform (2)4/10/2017Instant fund transfer available from 2018
13/2/2018Faster transactions, but is it safe?
Adrian Turner, CEO, Data61 (1)14/3/2017Future of Work – Adrian Turner CEO Data61
 Aisling Finch, Director of Marketing, Google Australia (1)5/10/2017This will revolutionise the world
Alana Chen,Vice President, Moody’s Investors (1)6/4/2017Mortgage Delinquencies Rising
Alana Matheson, Deputy Director of Workplace Relations ,ACCI (1)5/6/2017Cuts to Sunday penalty rates phased in four years
Alan Eskander, Founder, Betstar (1)6/11/2017Who will win the Melbourne Cup?
Alan Fels, Former Chairman, ACCC (2)18/4/2018Former ACCC chairman says ASIC is ‘weak’
Professor Alan Fels, Former Chairman, ACCC (2)13/4/2017Overhauling the Insurance industry
Alan Jones, retired, Formula F1 Driver (1)4/9/2017Racing to the Finish Line
Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas (3)31/8/2017Qantas…change and same-sex marriage
27/4/2017QANTAS announces game changer fares
22/2/2018When will QANTAS pay Company Tax?
Alan Oster, Chief Economist, NAB (4)8/8/2017Business confidence at a nine year high
7/6/2017Australia grabs record for longest time without a recession
6/2/2018Was Christmas retail as good as expected?
10/5/2017Economic growth optimistic – Alan Oster NAB
Alan Tudge, Minister, Human Services (1)23/11/2017Is this Mediscare all over again?
Alan Williams, Pensioner, (1)9/10/2017I’m ​62 and primed to work – but I cant find a job
Alastair MacGibbon, National Cyber Security Adviser (1)5/4/2018Facebook faces the backlash
28/6/2017Global ransomware attack
15/5/2017Worldwide Cyber attack – Alastair MacGibbon
Helena Chang, Vice President, Moody’s Investors Services (1)26/4/2017Housing Affordability gets worse – Alena Chen Moody’s
Alex Pollak, CEO, Loftus Peak (2)7/9/2017Happy Birthday Google
15/5/2017Amazon IPO celebrates 20 yrs – Alex Pollak CEO Loftus Peak
Ali Naroozi, Inspector-General of Tax, IGT (2)28/6/2017Inspector-General of Taxation to investigate ATO
22/5/2017Inspector-General of Taxation: “I’m ready to investigate the alleged tax fraud scandal if needed”
Alison Watkins, CEO, Coca Cola Amatil (ASX:CCL) (2)23/8/2017Coke loses its fizz
21/2/2018Is Kombucha saving Coca-Cola Amatil?
Alister Haigh, CEO, Haigh’s Chocolates (1)10/11/2017Sweet Succession Planning
Allan Parker, Chairman, Burdekin District Canegrowers (1)3/5/2017Wilmar battle with sugar canegrowers
Andrea Booth, Eyewitness, (1)26/7/2017Police shot “scissors” wielding man at train station
Andrew Baxter, Former Chairman, Publicis Communications (1)28/3/2018Should brands drop David Warner and Steve Smith?
Andrew Burrell, WA Chief Reporter, The Australian  (1)20/7/2017Native Title blow for Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest
Andrew Constance, Minister,Transport (1)25/1/2018Do train drivers like overtime?
Andrew Dillon, CEO, Energy Networks Australia (1)19/10/2017Has the Government introduced an emissions trading scheme?
Andrew Forrest, Non-Executive Chairman, Fortescue (2)8/8/2017The Force Awakens – Andrew Twiggy Forrest
22/5/2017Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest will give away $400 million of his personal fortune to charity
Andrew Hagger, Chief Customer Officer for Consumer Banking, NAB (1)10/11/2017Why did NAB sack 20 bankers?
Andrew Hirst, Vice-Chair, LPOGroup   (1)21/8/2017A good investment?
Andrew Leigh, Assistant Shadow Treasurer, Labor Party (3)28/9/2017Why is global engagement best for Australia?
Andrew Leigh, Assistant Shadow Treasurer, Labor Party (2)27/3/2018Labor heard our message: Pensioners to be exempt from new tax policy
13/3/2018Is Labor tax policy all its cracked up to be?
Andrew MacLean, National Motoring Editor, Drive.com.au (1)20/10/2017Did we lose loyalty towards our car makers?
Andrew MacKenzie, CEO, BHP (ASX:BHP) (1)22/8/2017BHP Exiting Shale Business
Andrew Richards, CEO, Energy Users Association of Australia (1)8/2/2018Is AGL’s profit because of your rising energy bills?
Andrew Robinson, Lawyer, to Paul Hogan (3)30/5/2017Paul Hogan’s lawyer reacts to ATO Commissioner Chris Jordan
18/5/2017Paul Hogan’s lawyer reacts to tax fraud
13/12/2017Why is Crocodile Dundee suing an Aussie burger company?
Andrew Sarrano, VP of Global Fashion, IMG (1)16/5/2017Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Andrew Skinner, President, Australian Toy Association (1)15/3/2018Thousands of jobs at risk as iconic brand prepares to close
Andrew Ticehurst, Rate Strategist, Nomura Australia    (1)20/7/2017Do the employment numbers point to an improving economy?
Andrew Watson, National Head of Class Action, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers (1)23/8/2017Largest ever shareholder class action
Andrew Willink, Founder, RateCity Canstar and MoneyAction (2)3/11/2017Will we see a home loan war?
17/3/2017Banks raise home loan interest rates – Andrew Willink
Dr. Andy Palmer, CEO, Aston Martin (1)22/3/2017Dr Andy Palmer – CEO of Aston Martin
Andy Penn, CEO, Telstra (3)2/11/2017NBN to leave a $3 billion hole for Telstra
17/8/2017Telstra in a post-NBN future
15/2/2018Just had badly has the NBN tarnished Telstra’s reputation?
Andy Vesey, Chief Executive, AGL Energy (1)10/8/2017AGL profits $802 million amid higher energy prices
Angus Taylor, Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security (1)22/2/2018You could face fines if you don’t protect your data
Anna Bligh, CEO, Australian Bankers Association (6)5/4/2017Anna Bligh CEO Australian Bankers Association
30/5/2017ABA slams bank levy – Anna Bligh
22/8/2017Banks threaten court action
21/11/2017Open Banking…good or bad for customers?
10/5/2017Anna Bligh – Australian Bankers Association – Bank Levy
10/11/2017Why did Jay Weatherill axe the Bank Tax?
Anna Campbell, CEO, Red meat Advisory Council (1)24/1/2018Who are the real winners of the TPP?
Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister, Infrastructure and Transport (1)2/5/2017Badgerys Creek Airport – Anthony Albanese MP
Anthony Cahill, Chief Operating Officer, NAB (1)16/3/2017NAB raises home loan interest rates – Anthony Cahill COO
Anthony Longhurst, MD, DelBake (1)10/4/20175 Generations of making bread
Anthony Ritter, CEO, Skydive The Beach (1)12/10/2017Is this Risky Business?
Anthony Whealy QC, Chair, Transparency International (1)19/2/1900Do we need a federal ICAC?
Anton Tagliaferro, Investment Director and Founder of Investors, Mutual (2)8/8/2017Will CBA scandal have a long term impact?
27/9/2017How Myer stores can be run better
Antony Green, Election Analyst, ABC (1)1/11/2017#Citizenship8: Will it ever end?
Athol Guy, Singer,The Seekers (1)15/5/2017Athol Guy from The Seekers
Audrey Zibelman, CEO, Australian Energy Market Operator (1)22/1/2018How did the energy grid cope with soaring temperatures?
Barnaby Joyce, former deputy PM, (1)4/5/2017Barnaby Joyce – Adani and Arrium
Barry Lambert, Founder, Count Financial (2)17/4/2018Why has CBA decided now to float its wealth management arm?
14/8/2017CBA CEO Ian Narev to step down
Barry O’Sullivan, Senator, Nationals (2)30/11/2017Is this man responsible for the Royal Commission?
17/11/2017Are we a step closer to a Banking Inquiry?
Barry Urquhart,, Marketing Foods (1)13/3/2017German giant Kaufland headed down under
Ben Felton, Speed Motorcylist, (1)19/6/2017Australia’s fastest blind man – Ben Felton
Ben Horne, sports journalist, The Daily Telegraph (1)31/7/2017Cricket truce reported
Ben Myers, Executive Director of Retirement Living, Property council of Australia (1)4/12/2017Where will seniors live in retirement?
Ben Phillips, ANU, Associate Professor (1)20/11/2017Does Australia have an oversupply of housing?
Ben Zachariah,, Harris and Silverman (1)30/8/2017More valuable than property…
Bernard Salt, Demographer, (2)4/11/2017‘Smashed Avo’: One year on
29/5/2017Will your job be there in 10 years? Bernard Salt
Besa Deda, Chief Economist, St George Bank (1)18/5/2017Unemployment falls but the only jobs created are part-time
Betty Klimenko, Owner, Erebus Motorsports (1)17/10/2017Betty Klimenko: First female owner to win the Bathurst 1000
Bill Evans, Chief Economist, Westpac (4)7/11/2017Why RBA kept rates on hold
5/12/2017Where will interest rates go next year?
25/10/2017Why is inflation remaining weak?
20/10/2017Why rates won’t move for two years
Bill Watson, CEO, First Super (1)10/11/2017Has CBA made its shareholders happy?
Simon Birmingham, Senator, Minister for Education and Training (1)30/10/2017Will Labor play political games?
Bloody Markus, Triathlete,, (1)10/11/2017Triathlete Bloody Markus still firing at 85
Bob Arum, Promoter,, (1)29/6/2017Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn
Bob Carr, Former Foreign Minister, Director of Australian-China relations Institute (1)12/4/2018Is Australia ‘Anti-China’?
Bob Deutsch, Senior Tax Counsel, The Tax Institute (1)6/11/2017What do the Paradise Papers reveal?
Bob Katter, Katter Australian Party (3)20/2/2018Bob Katter lets loose
15/8/2017“I’ll be helping him out in certain directions”
10/11/2017What does Government chaos mean for the Independents?
Brad Banducci, CEO, Woolworths (2)26/2/2018Who won the supermarket wars?
23/8/2017Woolworths Profits $1.53bn
Brad Brown,, AUSTRAC (1)3/5/2017Stored Value Cards being used for money laundering and terrorism financing
Brendan O’Connor, Minister, Shadow Workplace and Employment (2)6/6/2017Minimum wage to increase by 3.3%
Brendan O’Carroll, ,Mrs Brown’s Boys (2)1/3/1900In the words of Mrs Brown, “That’s Nice”
Brenda Perrick, Volunteer, Meals on Wheels (1)5/9/2017A new way to spend your retirement
Brent Hancock, Owner, Tackle World Port Stephens (1)4/3/1900Kingfish on the loose
Brenton Bass, former supplier, Holden (1)23/10/2017What does life after Holden look like?
Brett Redman, CFO, AGL (1)25/9/2017Liddell Power Station – Energy Economics
Brian Hartzer, CEO, Westpac (3)8/5/2017Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer Half Year Results 2017
26/6/2017Westpac Boss: “South Australia’s Bank levy is double taxation and is a disgrace”
26/6/2017The Pyne tapes
Brian Johnson, Banking Analyst, CLSA (1)7/8/2017Commonwealth Bank money laundering allegation
Bruce Billson, CEO, Franchise Businesses (1)14/3/2017Franchising and Penalty Rates – Bruce Billson
Bruce Meagher,, Foxtel (1)18/7/2017Game of Thrones: Foxtel and HBO streaming stuff up
Bruce Mountain, Director and Energy Economist, (1)5/9/2017Closure confusion over Liddell Power Station
Bruce Robertson,, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (1)8/6/2017Deepening gas glut poses a critical risk to the financial viability of Gladstone
Cameron Boardman, Chief Executive, auDA (1)3/8/2017.au administrator CEO fights back
Cameron Kusher,, CoreLogic RP Data (2)20/4/2017Investment Properties to be reigned in
1/12/2017Is Sydney in a property market crash?
Carolyn Mather, Finance and Risk Manager, Construction Training Centre (1)18/10/2017The business where women get more super than men
Catherine Allfrey,, Wavestone Capital (1)10/11/2017First female Australian Fund Manager inducted into the Hall of Fame
Cathy Nance, partner, PWC (1)20/10/2017Can you afford to retire?
Channa Senevirante, Director of Wireless, Telstra (1)2/12/2017This will revolutionise our world
Charles Gow Gates,, (1)9/3/2017What are the insurance implications when your home is standard at sea?
Charlie Brown,technology editor, Channel Nine (3)6/4/2017ACCC takes Apple to court
22/3/2017Charlie Brown talks technology
1/3/1900Major shakeups for the Online Retailer
Chris Uhlmann, Political Editor, Nine News Australia (1)29/11/2017Just how deep does Chinese Influence run in the parliament?
Chris Berg, RMIT, Blockchain Innovation Hub (1)8/3/2018AFP raid Bureau of Meteorology over cryptocurrency investigation
Chris Bowen, Shadow Treasurer, (2)31/7/2017Taxing time on Trust
10/5/2017Chris Bowen Shadow Treasurer
Chris Chamberlain, Australian Business Traveller, (1)6/7/2017Credit Card reward points to be slashed by banks
Chris Down, Shadow Treasurer,, (1)31/7/2017Can Small Business “Trust” Labor?
Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director, National Security Agency (1)2/8/2017Chris Inglis: Former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency
Chris Jenkins, CEO, Thales Australia (1)25/2/1900Can Australia really be the World’s Number One in Defence Exports?
Chris Jordan, Tax Commissioner, ATO (1)5/7/2017ATO website outage
Chris Leishman, Contributing Author, CEDA Housing Australia (1)29/8/2017Housing affordability an issue for at least ’40 years’
Chris Lynch, CFO, Rio Tinto (2)7/2/2018Rio Tinto Shareholders to get record payout
2/8/2017Rio Tinto first-half profit soars
Chris Richardson, Chief Economist, Deloitte (6)26/9/2017Federal Government $4 billion better off
21/11/2017Who pays for the tax cuts?
19/4/2018Budget outlook promising as the ‘trend is our friend’
12/4/2017Housing Prices ‘Dangerously Dumb’
10/11/2017How is the budget looking?
1/5/2017Deficit repair slips even with profit surge
Chris Riddell, Global Futurist, (1)22/11/2017Will you have a job in the future?
Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer, Wilson Asset Management (2)24/5/2017Ardent Leisure fighting activist shareholders
1/11/2017All Ords over 6000…what does this mean?
Christine Holgate, CEO, Australian Post (1)27/6/2017Christine Holgate: The new Australia Post CEO
Chris Williams, CEO, Natural Solar (1)14/12/2017Where are the jobs?
Clair Savage, Deputy Chair Energy Security Board15/2/2018Does Australia have enough energy?
Clive Palmer, (1)12/4/2018Clive Palmer hits out, claims ‘government agenda’ behind charges
Colin Campbell, CEO,Campbell Wines (1)11/3/1900Australia Day Honour: Colin Campbell
Colin Heath, Banking and Capital Markets Leader, PwC Australia (1)6/11/2017Banks surge with record profits
Colin Smith, Managing Director, Global Media and Sports  (1)4/9/2017Tennis Australia hunt for new tv rights
Colonel Richard Kemp, Former Chairman,COBRA (1)5/6/2017Colonel Richard Kemp
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Minister, International Development and the Pacific (1)20/4/2017Citizenship Test Overhaul – Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
Senator Cory Bernardi, Leader of the Australian  Conservatives (2)21/8/2017Dual-Citizenship: “Stop the circus”
Cory Bernardi, Senator, Australian Conservatives (2)10/11/2017Is the Parliament a laughing stock right now?
Craig Coleman,, Viburnum Funds Management (1)25/7/2017Dreamworld owners shareholder revolt
Craig Davies,, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (1)24/8/2017Can you hack it in cyber security?
Craig Drummond, CEO, Medibank Private (2)20/2/2018Medibank Private increase profits while premiums remain low
17/7/2017Is private health insurance unaffordable?
Craig Johnson,, Liverpool FC (1)18/5/2017Craig Johnston Liverpool and Sydney FC
Craig Kelly, chairman of the Backbench Environment and Energy Committee (2)9/4/2018Should AGL sell Liddell?
11/4/2017Super for Home Deposits – Craig Kelly MP
Craig Laundy, Minister for Workplace and Deregulation, (1)27/2/2018The dangers with Bill Shorten becoming PM
Craig Levy, COO, TPG Telecom Limited (1)13/4/2017TPG to enter the mobile market space
Craig Michaels,, S&P Global Ratings (2)21/3/2017States and Territories to borrow more – Ratings impact
18/5/2017Can Australia hold its AAA credit rating?
Dale Boccabella, UNSW, Professor (2)2/11/2017How gig economy workers will be left short of super
11/10/2017Don’t we already pay enough tax?
Professor Dali Kassfar, CSIRO Data61, Research leader (1)11/4/2018Mark Zuckerberg – The Whinger
Damien Jordan, Golfer, (1)24/11/2017From the Iraq war to professional golfer
Daniel Gradwell, Senior Economist, ANZ Bank (1)26/9/2017Younger people waiting later in life to form new households
Daniel Smith, General Manager, CGI Glass Lewis (2)7/3/1900Specialty Fashion CEO in hot water
21/11/2017Retail takes a hit
Danny Boothman, Former Employee, Hazelwood,  (1)10/4/2017Danny Boothman Retrenched…now he’s singing
Danny Gattone, co-director, Swadlings Timber (1)7/3/2018The victims of WestConnex
Danny Price,, Frontier Economics (1)16/3/2017Is Snowy Hydro 2.0 viable?
Dante Di Gori, CEO, Financial Planning Association of Australia (2)17/10/2017Why are the big banks dumping their wealth arms?
15/9/2017Are you happy with your lot in life?
Dan Tehan, Minister, Assisting Prime Minister for Cyber Security (3)31/5/2017Tackling Cyber Security – Dan Tehan
25/4/2017Anzac Day at Villers-Bretonneux – Dan Tehan
10/10/2017How can we prevent cyber criminals from accessing our data?
Darren Chester, Minister, Infrastructure and Transport (1)7/12/2017Will Aussie steel be used for the InLand Rail?
Darren Eddy, Past National President, Australian Funeral Directors Association (1)31/7/2017Avoiding funeral cost scandals
Dave Curren, CIO, Westpac (1)19/9/2017Are your skills up-to-date?
Dave McCready, CEO, Australian British Chamber of Commerce (1)8/6/2017UK election 2017
David Buik,, Panmure Gordon (1)25/4/2017Stock market at all-time high – David Buik
David Coleman, Chair, House of Reps Standing Committee on Economics (2)20/10/2017Did the Commonwealth Bank CEO survive his grilling?
18/5/2017David Coleman – Recommendations to come into effect after bank inquiry
David Elia, CEO, Hostplus (1)29/9/2017Who is the real winner of the AFL and the NRL Grand Final?
David Foster, Woodchopper, (1)26/3/2017David Foster – Woodchopping lengend
David Hodgett, Shadow Deputy Leader, (1)2/5/2017Victorian Budget 2017 – David Hodgett Speaks to Ross
David Knox,,  Mercer (1)25/3/2017Are people retirement ready?  – David Knox
David Murray, former Chief Executive, Commonwealth Bank (2)4/5/2017Household Debt, Housing Prices, and Resilience
19/7/2017APRA lifts bank capital requirements
David Paradice,, Paradice Investment Management (1)5/2/2018$31 billion wiped from Australia Shares
David Rumbens, Senior Economist and Partner, Deloitte Access Economics (1)18/2/1900Australia is set to get a pay rise, but at what cost?
David Whitely, CEO, Industry Super Funds (1)21/3/2017Banks are ‘foxes in the hen house’
Delia Rickard, the Deputy Chair,ACCC (1)17/7/2017Beware high risk, no reward investment scams
Denita Wawn, CEO, Master Builders Association (1)8/3/2018Will there be a ‘super union’?
Dennis Andrucyk,  Deputy Associate Administrator, NASA’s Science Mission (1)23/5/2017Mission to Mars -Dennis Andrucyk
Dennis Shanahan, The Australian, Political Editor (1)27/10/2017Turnbull’s week from hell
Dennis Skinner, CEO, Cabramatta Leagues Club (1)27/9/2017How can energy prices increase by 150 percent?
Den Tucker, Managing Director,DM Plastics and Steel (1)28/6/2017South Australia’s power prices crippling business
Derryn Hinch, Senator, (1)10/11/2017Could Derryn Hinch be the Steven Bradbury of politics?
Dian Tjondronegoro,, Southern Cross University (1)26/9/2017What is Activity Based Work Environments
Dig Howitt,  CEO,Cochlear. (1)17/8/2017World’s first Made-for-iPhone cochlear implant
Dominic Perrottet,Treasurer, NSW (1)1/6/2017NSW Housing Affordability Package – Dominic Perrottet
Don Meij, Chief Executive, Domino’s Pizza (1)16/8/2017Domino’s falls short on targets
Dougal Robinson, Fellow,US Studies Centre (1)22/1/2018Why has the US Government shut down?
Doug Greenshields,, (1)20/3/2017Win a lodge in Ecuador Doug Greenshields
Douglas Geekie, Chairman, Probus South Pacific (1)26/6/2017Probus – Is it for You?
Drew, from Wollongong (1)27/2/2018Pizza business has phone cut off after refusing NBN service
Dr John Coyne, Head of Border Security, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (2)30/10/2017Are your flight details safe?
17/7/2017Does Australia need a Homeland Security Department?
Dr Moshen Rahmani, Lead Researcher, Australian National University (1)6/7/2017Turning windows into mirrors
Dr Nicola Powell,, Domain Group (1)26/6/2017Australia’s most affordable suburbs
Dr. Simon Longstaff,, Ethics Center (1)8/5/2017When should a boss stand down after drugs charges?
Dwayne Crombie, Managing Director of Private Health Insurance, Bupa (1)25/1/2018Why do Private Health Insurance Premiums keep rising?
Ed Cowan, Former Opening Batsman, Australia (3)6/7/2017Pay dispute: Tour Cancelled
3/8/2017Ashes are on!
29/5/2017Life after Cricket – Ed Cowan
Eddie McGuire, President, Collingwood (1)8/5/2017Lou Richards passes away
Eli Greenblat, Senior Business Reporter, The Australian (1)30/11/2017Why do retailers keep going into administration?
24/10/2017What is happening at Myer?
Eli Greenbatt, Senior Business Reporter, The Australian (2)20/7/2017Myer shares plunge, as it downgrades profit
Emily Dabs,, Moody’s Analytics
10/4/2017House Price Fall Looming
Eric Abetz, Senator, (2)9/11/2017How did the citizenship saga embroil two more?
5/12/2017Citizenship Saga: Who has been caught up this time?
Euan Graham, Lowy Institute, (1)12/4/2017North Korea warns of nuclear strike
Felicity Emmett, Senior Economist, ANZ (1)29/5/2017Is Australia headed for a recession? ANZ Felicity Emmett
Framy Browne, Head of Family Law, Lavan (3)9/11/2017High Court tears up millionaire’s prenup
29/11/2017Does Prince Harry need a prenup?
15/8/2017Can De-Facto couples share their super if they split?
Francis Sullivan, CEO, Truth Justice and Healing Council (1)15/12/2017Royal Commission final report: ‘Australia has a huge debt to pay’
Francois Romante, CEO, French Chamber of Commerce in Australia (1)26/4/2017French Election has International economic impact
Frank Seeley, Founder, Seeley International (1)11/4/2018The Aussie Company keeping Mecca cool this year
Fred Harrison, CEO, Ritchies Supermarkets (1)28/3/2018Roast chooks could signal the end of supermarket price wars
Garry Low, Superintendent NSW Regional Investigations, Australian Border Force. (1)6/10/2017Is this the biggest ever meth haul?
Gary Singer, CEO, Sotheby’s Australia (1)4/4/2018Ever wanted to own the Chariot from Gladiator? Here is your chance…
Gary Weiss and Brad Richmond, new Board Members, Ardent leisure (1)4/9/2017Ardent Leisure gives in
Gavin Durbin, CEO,AML Solutions  (1)3/8/2017Commonwealth Bank accused of money laundering
Geoff Bowd, The Australian Shareholder Association, Director (1)26/10/2017Why is James Packer not happy?
Geoff Heally,  ex,BHP (1)15/5/2017BHP rebrands – Geoff Healy Chief External Affairs
Geoff Ho,Business Editor, Sunday Express (1)26/6/2017Geoff Ho: Hero of the London Bridge terror attack
Geoff Horth, CEO, Vocus (1)23/8/2017Vocus – “We grew too big too fast”
Geoff Raby, Former Australian Ambassador to China, (1)27/2/2018Huge political changes in China to ‘increase risk’ of instability
Geoff Troffer,, Fueltrac (1)17/11/2017What’s driving up fuel prices?
George Christensen, Member, Dawson (1)29/5/2017George Christensen wants to keep Sunday penalty rates
George Frazis, CEO, Westpac Consumer Bank (ASX:WBC) (1)10/10/2017Do you trust your bank?
George Sakalidis, Magnetic Resources Management, Managing Director (1)3/11/2017Who can join the W.A. Gold Fever?
Georgette Nicholas, CEO,Genworth (1)3/5/2017Genworth profitability remains strong
George Williams, Constitutional Expert, UNSW (1)27/10/2017What does no Deputy Prime Minister mean for Australia?
Gerry Harvey, Executive Chairman, Harvey Norman (ASX:HVN) (4)5/12/2017Is Amazon the greatest fraud in the world?
4/7/2017Gerry Harvey: Retail booming or flailing?
31/8/2017Harvey Norman’s record profit
24/4/2017Harvey goes to war with Amazon
Gideon Haigh,, The Australian (1)27/7/2017Cricketers’ ‘jeopardising Ashes’
Gladys Berejiklian, Premier, NSW (3)27/7/2017NSW council amalgamations backflip
24/10/2017Why does the Government blame businesses for their screw up?
1/6/2017NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian – Housing Affordability Package
Glenn Docherty, Mayor, City of Playford (1)5/10/2017How to create opportunities post-Holden
Glenn Cooper, CEO,Coopers Brewery  (1)4/7/2017Coopers Beer Chairman lashes out at Bank Tax
Graeme Bethune, CEO, EnergyQuest (1)6/9/2017Why do we have a gas shortage?
Graeme McCarthur,, Business Broomeing (1)26/4/2017Business Broomeing for Graeme MacCarthur
Graeme Whickman, President, Ford Australia (2)26/7/2017Ford rejects it misled customers
Graham Wickham, President, Ford Australia (2)19/6/2017Future of Transport for Australia – Ford Australia
Graham Dean, Managing Director, Debenhams Australia (1)23/10/2017Debenhams Opening in Australia
Greg Dyer, President of the Australian Cricketers’ Association (1)16/5/2017Cricket pay dispute could threaten The Ashes
Greg Griffin, Chairman, Adelaide United Football Club (1)22/11/2017Why did Ange Postecoglou resign?
Greg Hunt, Health Minister (2)27/2/2018Male and paying for pregnancy cover by his Private Health Insurance? You’ve got to be kidding…
13/10/2017Biggest private health insurance reform in 15 years
Greg Stokes, CEO,Barokes Wines (1)1/5/2017Wine in a can
Hamish Petrie, Founder,Inagogo (1)12/12/2017Is it about time Uber got some competition?
Harold Mitchell,, Media (2)22/2/1900Millionaire businessman Ron Walker dies
15/12/2017My very special guest
Horst Von Sanden, CEO, Mercedes Benz Australia (1)8/3/2018Mercedes-Benz Australia CEO: Luxury tax is ‘holding us back’
Hugh Hefner, Founder, Playboy Magazine (1)28/9/2017Hugh Hefner: Brilliant businessman or Misogynist?
Hugh Marks, CEO,Nine Entertainment (4)8/5/2017Media Reforms
31/5/2017Media CEOs in Canberra push for reforms
26/2/2018Is social media taking all the TV advertising? Apparently not
24/8/2017TV in the New World
Ian Bremmer, President, Eurasia (1)26/4/2017Wager on the French Election
Ian Chappell, Former, Cricketer   (3)27/6/2017Cricket Australia pay dispute: Will it be fixed?
26/3/2018Cricket Crisis: ‘A disaster of their own making’
Ian Chappell and Nick Fordham,,, (3)24/5/2017The business of sports prediction
Ian Henschke, Chief Advocate, National Seniors Australia (1)7/11/2017More effective flu vaccine needed for the elderly
Ian Malouf,CEO,of Dial a Dump (1)7/6/2017Dial A Dump planning a Green Energy Facility
Ian Narev, CEO,Commonwealth Bank (4)9/8/2017CBA CEO- Should he stay or Should he go?
7/2/2018Commonwealth Bank Shareholders hit hard
28/8/2017Commonwealth Bank’s culture and governance to be investigated
12/5/2017Bank Tax War – CBA CEO Hits Back at Bank Tax
Ian Purchas, Insolvency Expert, (2)24/5/2017Topshop/Topman goes into voluntary administration
20/7/2017Personal debt arrangements surge
Ian Yates, CEO, COTA (1)25/9/2017Has the New Retirement Pension Age Increased to 70?
Jacinda Carroll, Head,Counter Terrorism policy (3)4/10/2017Do you agree with Malcolm Turnbull’s new counter terror plan?
31/7/2017Airport security in the spotlight
24/5/2017NSW Coroner hands down his report into the Lindt cafe siege
Jack Archer, CEO, Regional Australia Institute (1)25/10/2017Is Australia experiencing a growing pension crisis?
Jack Cowin,  Executive Chairman, Competitive Foods Australia (1)#N/A#N/A
Jack de Groot,, St. Vincent de Paul  (1)25/7/2017Rising energy prices puts 60,000 homes at risk
Jack Newton, Golfer, Australian Legend (1)16/10/2017How has the HSC changed in 50 years?
James Pearson, Chief executive, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (1)28/6/2017Bill Shorten to save Sunday penalty rates
James Steedman, Lavan, Head of Wills and Estates (1)16/12/2017Should freeloading siblings be entitled to the inheritance?
James Stewart,, Ferrier Hodgson (1)25/5/2017Could Topshop/Topman be saved by Sir Phillip Green?
Janet Gibson, General Manager, Buzz Connect (1)5/2/2018Aussie company the clear stand-out at Superbowl 52
Jard Gardberg, CEO,IKEA Australia (1)13/2/2018IKEA could be your answer to lower energy bills
Jason Laufer, Director of Talent and Learning Solutions, LinkedIn (1)18/9/2017What would you do for a better paycheck?
Jason Pellegrino,CEO, Google Australia (2)31/10/2017Google commits a minimum $5 million to charities and non-profits
Dr Mathew McDougall, DaigouSales.com.au, Founder (2)31/10/2017Daigou: How Can you break into the lucrative Chinese market?
Jean Hay, Retiring, Mayor of Manly (1)1/5/201760 years in politics has come to an end
Jeff Dimery, Alinta Energy, CEO (1)4/4/2018Could Liddell have a new owner?
Jeff Kennett,, Former Victorian Premier (2)26/3/2017Jeff Kennett – Reflects
10/5/2017Jeff Kennett Views on Budget 2017
Jeff Morris, Whistleblower, (1)4/3/1900CBA whistleblower is not happy with new Commbank CEO
Jennifer Westacott, CEO,of the Business Council of Australia (3)12/4/2017Improving Payment Terms for Small Business
11/10/2017Will penalty rates become an election issue?
10/5/2017Jennifer Westacott – Business Council of Australia
Jenny Hill, Mayor,Townsville (1)23/5/2017If the Adani project doesn’t go ahead, it will set Queensland back 50 years
Jeremy Hirschhorn, Deputy Commissioner, ATO (1)8/12/2017Have large companies been avoiding their tax bill?
Jessica Gomes, International Model, (1)20/3/2017Jessica Gomes goes into business
Jim Chalmers, Acting Shadow Treasurer (1)19/4/2018Should the PM apologise for resisting a Royal Commission?
Jimmy Barnes,, (1)1/11/2017Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Man
Professor Jimmy Choo, Visiting Professor,London Institute (1)3/10/2017Jimmy Choo: the shoes & the man
Jim Pearce, Former State Labor MP (1)6/3/2018Should Adani go ahead?
Joel Katz, Chief executive, Managing Director, Cruise Line International Association of Australasia. (1)31/7/2017Cruising into retirement
John Alexander, Backbencher, Liberal (1)16/3/2017Is using Super option for first home buyers?
John Barilaro, Deputy Premier,New South Wales (5)7/6/2017John Barilaro: Careers Australia going under
5/7/2017Deputy NSW Premier John Barilaro: Youth Employment is one of my top priorities
5/4/2018NSW Deputy Premier changes tune, backs PM as leader
3/5/2017Motor Vehicle Code of Conduct – John Barilaro
25/10/2017What can we learn from Germany’s education system?
John Bertrand, Chairman, Sports Australia Hall of Fame (1)7/8/2017Vale Betty Cuthbert
John Brumby, Australia China Business Council, Chairman (1)11/12/2017Does China have too much influence in Australia?
John Calleija, Calleija Jewellers, (1)9/11/2017(Pink) Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend
John Daley, CEO, Grattan Institute (2)12/4/2017More cops use negative gearing than lawyers
1/5/2017Housing affordability Gratton Insititute
John Dixon, Chef Executive, David Jones (1)3/8/2017David Jones Food
John Durie, The Australian, Business Columnist (1)12/12/2017Why did Frank Lowy sell out of Westfield?
John Edwards, Non resident Fellow, Lowy Institute (1)28/6/2017Could the RBA hike rates eight times in the next two years?
John Key, Former Prime Minister, New Zealand (2)18/7/2017Former NZ Prime Minister John Key honoured
10/5/2017John Key – Bank Levy, Budget and Housing Affordability
John O’Mahony,, Deloitte Access (1)12/6/2017Digital boom to contribute $139 billion by 2020
John O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Tourism Australia (2)5/2/2018Will there be a Crocodile Dundee reboot?
20/4/2018Australia breaks record tourism numbers
John Price, Commissioner, ASIC (2)24/5/2017ASIC bans Nathan Tinkler from managing companies for nearly four years
10/10/2017Why has the Financial Ombudsman received record complaints?
John Stensholt,, AFR Rich 200 (2)25/5/2017Anthony Pratt tops the AFR Rich 200 List
20/4/2017James Packer sells his stake in RatPac-Dune entertainment
John Swan, Singer,Cold Chisel (1)22/8/2017John ‘Swanee’ Swan
John Symond, Executive Chairman and Founder, Aussie Home Loans (5)7/3/2017Aussie John Symond – Interest Rate Decision
3/7/2017Aussie John Symond: Thanks for 6 years
27/6/2017Aussie John Symond: The last Segment
21/3/2017John Symond Home Loan Market
2/5/2017John Symond talking interest rates
Dr John Tickell,, (1)7/2/2018What are the secrets to living a longer life?
Dr John Tsanaktsidid, CSIRO, research Director (1)8/11/2017Will this revolutionise our industry?
John Wacka Williams, Senator, (8)7/8/2017Pressure intensifies for royal commission following CBA laundering allegations
6/11/2017Will this Citizenship Saga ever end?
30/5/2017ATO Commissioner grilled at Senate Estimates
28/8/2017Are we headed for a Royal Commission into Banks?
27/2/1900Did the CBA chose an appropriate new boss amid its scandal allegations?
27/11/2017Why are the Nationals pushing so hard for a bank inquiry?
23/10/2017Will increased fines prevent corporate fraud?
12/2/2018Big Banks under the spotlight
John Williams, Senator (2)17/4/2018Who will be hit the hardest by the new Cricket deal?
13/3/2018Banking royal commission set for first intake of evidence
Jonathan Barouch, Founder, Local Measure (1)20/4/2017457 Visa axing leaves tech companies feeling betrayed
Jonathan Nally, Editor, spaceinfo.com.au (2)29/9/2017Will Man be on Mars by 2024?
11/10/2017Could an asteroid hit earth?
Jon Stevens, Australian Singer (1)3/4/2017Jon Stevens
Josh Dowling, Motoring Editor, News Limited (6)6/7/2017Volvo to go electric
5/4/2017Record Month For Car Sales – Josh Dowling
27/3/2017Car Sharing Scheme – Josh Dowling
26/6/2017Takata: Airbag-maker files for bankruptcy
24/7/2017Takata airbag linked to Australian death
10/11/2017Be Warned: Counterfeit Car Parts on the Rise
Josh Frydenberg, Minister, Energy and Environment (9)8/3/2017Gas shortage? Josh Frydenberg
6/9/2017AEMO report warns of blackouts
24/11/2017When will your bills start to ease up?
20/4/2017Josh Frydenberg – Gas and 457 Visas
19/3/2018Can the energy crisis be fixed?
15/5/2017Josh Frydenberg – Snowy Hydro and Adani
15/3/2017What happened inside the PM’s gas summit? Josh Frydenberg
13/12/2017Will there be blackouts this summer?
11/4/2018The Battle for Liddell continues
John Marsh, Student, High School (1)20/3/2017Australia’s Smartest Kid? Josh Marsh talks to Ross
Josh Richards, Astronaut, (1)14/8/2017Becoming Martian
Josh Rowe, former Non-Ececutive Director,auDA (1)2/8/2017Revolt at .au domain name administrator
Judah Kelly, winner,The Voice’ 2017 (1)10/7/2017The Voice 2017 – Judah Kelly
Judith Jones, Ombudsman, Telecommunication Industry (1)18/10/2017Have you had an issues with the NBN?
Juliana Payne, CEO, Restaurants and Catering Association (1)14/3/2018Will the minimum wage stay frozen?
Justin and Bec, Trip, in a Van (1)13/9/2017A better way to spend your retirement
Justin Roach, NSW Farmers’ Association, Poultry Committee Chair (1)3/4/2018Millions of Chickens in trouble as RedLea goes into Administration
Karen Chester, Deputy Chair, Productivity Commission (1)29/3/2017Shaking Up Superannuation
Karen Cox, Coordinator, The Financial Rights Legal Center (1)13/3/2018Banking Royal Commission: NAB admits to fraudulent activity
Dr Karen Rees, ,National Seniors Australia (2)7/12/2017Downsizing off the agenda for many older Australians
Karen Rees, National Senior Australia. (2)14/10/2017Would you leave your kids an inheritance?
Kate Carnell,  Ombudsman,Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise (3)29/5/2017Big business to pay small business quicker
10/5/2017Kate Carnell – Bank Levy
10/3/2017Inquiry into penalty rates
Kate McClymont, Investigative journalist, Sydney Morning Herald (1)23/5/2017Fraud victim speaks out – Kate McCymont
Kath Anderson, Assistant Commissioner, ATO (1)19/7/2017Free money … not so free
Dr Kay Patterson, Commissioner, Age Discrimination  (1)9/12/2017Baby boomers continuing to work at record highs
Reverend Keith Garner, CEO,Wesley Mission (1)2/11/2017Would you agree to banks sharing your credit history?
Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister, Revenue and Financial Services (5)30/11/2017Why has the PM back-flipped on a Royal Commission into the banks?
3/4/2017Kelly O’Dwyer – Productivity Commission
29/8/2017Crackdown on super non-payments
24/7/2017Super overhaul
10/7/2017Efficiency and Competitiveness of Superannuation – Kelly O’Dwyer
23/10/2017Will Corporate penalties triple?
Ken Phillips,  Co-founder and Executive Director, Independent Contractors Australia (1)29/5/2017Tax office to work with Plutus clients
Ken Wyatt, Minister, Aged Care and Indigenous Health (1)6/11/2017Should seniors get a gap year?
Kerri-Anne Kennerly,, Hall of Fame (1)1/5/2017Hall of Fame and long time friend
Kerry Lawrence, Detective Superintendent in charge of financial and cyber crime, Queensland Police (1)23/1/2018Thousands scammed – will they get their money back?
Kevin Mitchell Jnr, Head Curator, GABBA (1)1/9/2017Pulling stumps
Kieran Donoghue,General Manager, Australian Energy Council (1)29/6/2017Power prices set to soar
Kristy Hatcher, Litigator, Owen Hodge Lawyers (1)30/8/2017Warning: Nominate your beneficiary!
Lang Walker, Chairman and Founder, Walker Corporation (1)10/11/2017Will Sydney have a second CBD?
Lasanka Perera, Director, Independent Reserve (1)6/2/2018Should you buy Bitcoin now?
Laurie Blamied, GM, Ski Lift Mt Buller (1)1/6/2017Ski Fields open early
Leanne Close,, Australian Federal Police (1)18/5/2017Unprecedented! $165 million dollar tax fraud ring
Leila Fourie, Chief Executive, Australian Payments Network (2)3/8/2017Watch out – Online credit card fraud on the rise
Dr Leila Fourie, CEO, AusPayNet (2)1/12/2017Has Australia abandoned cash?
Levi Aron, Country Manager, Deliveroo Australia (1)8/11/2017Deliveroo: Shaking up the gig economy
Lindsay Boulton, Assistant Governor of Business Services, RBA (1)15/2/2018The new $50 note has been revealed
Lindsay David, Founder, LF Economics (1)29/6/2017Housing: “The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme”
Lindsay Partridge, CEO, Brickworks (ASX:BKW) (2)25/9/2017No Faith In Government To Solve Energy Crisis
23/3/2017Property boom boosts profits – Lindsay Partridge Brickworks
Lino Saputo Jr, CEO,Saputo (1)10/11/2017How will Saputo turn Murray Goulburn around?
Louis Christopher, Director,SQM Research (2)16/5/2017Vacancy rates could tighten despite a rise in rental vacancy
15/8/2017Cut immigration to cool the housing market
Louise Davidson, CEO, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (1)31/8/2017Bringing in the big bucks
Lucy Gichuhi,, Family First (1)5/4/2017Lucy Gichuhi Set To Take Bob Day’s Family First Seat
Lydia Lassila, Aerial Skier, Gold Olympic  (1)28/9/2017Lydia Lassila – Gold Olympic Aerial Skier
Magnus Nicolin, CEO,Ansell (1)25/5/2017Ansell sells condoms business to Chinese investors
Malcolm Farr,  National Political Editor, News Limited (2)25/7/2017Matt Canavan quits Cabinet amid citizenship doubts
18/7/2017Second Greens Senator forced to quit over dual citizenship
Dr. Malcolm Roberts, CEO, Australian Petroleum Production ; Exploration Ass (1)27/9/2017How much of a gas shortfall is there?
Malcolm Scott, Managing Editor for Asia Economics, Bloomberg (1)20/4/2017China reports growth of 6.9% in the first quarter
Malcolm Speed, Former CEO, Cricket Australia and International Cricket Council (1)29/3/2018Former Cricket Australia boss says pain isn’t over as major sponsors withdraw
Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister, Australia (3)4/4/2017Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
20/4/2017Abolish 457 Visa – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
12/5/2017Budget , Polls and Bank Levy – Prime Minister
Malcolm Jeffs, Retiring Senior Sergeant,NSW (1)23/8/2017Police Diver surfaces after 35 years
Mal Lanyon, Assistant Commissioner, NSW Police (1)10/11/2017How much drugs has been stopped from entering Aussie streets this year?
Dr. Maree Bernoth, Associate Professor of AgedCare, Charles Sturt University (1)19/6/2017Aged-care facilities need an overhaul
Marie Diron, Senior VP,Moody’s Investor Service (2)24/5/2017China credit rating downgraded by Moody’s
10/5/2017Will Australia retain its AAA credit rating? Marie Diron Moody’s
Mario Tescone, Chief Operating Officer, Chemist Warehouse (1)2/10/2017Never done before – 100,000 goodie bags for AFL fans
Mark Bayley, Head of Credit Strategy and Research, FIIG Securities (1)5/2/2018When will Interest Rates rise?
Mark Bernhard, CEO, GM Holden Australia (1)17/10/2017Holden: The End of an Era
Mark Breen, Volunteer, (1)6/12/2017Retirees giving back to the community
Mark Butler, Minister, Shadow Energy (1)5/9/2017AGL to move away from coal
Mark Collette, Executive of Energy,EnergyAustralia (1)8/8/2017EnergyAustralia profit drops despite rising prices
Mark Delaney, Deputy Chief Executive, Australian Super (1)10/7/2017Australian Super returns
Mark Fitzgibbon, CEO, NIB (1)13/10/2017Do the Private Health Insurance companies agree with the changes?
Mark Gregory, Professor, RMIT University (2)23/10/2017Who should take responsibility for the NBN mess?
11/12/2017Who gets the latest compensation from false NBN advertising?
Mark Huang, RedLea Rouse Hill (1)4/4/2018Is Coles to blame for RedLea going into administration?
Mark Konza, Deputy Commissioner, ATO (1)6/4/2017Multinational Tax Crackdown to earn $3 billion
Mark McCrindle, Demographer, (1)3/7/2017Census 2016: How has Australia changed in 5 years
Mark Mentha, Partner,Korda Mentha (1)26/6/2017Network Ten expected to be put into receivership
Mark Nicholas, Channel Nine, Cricket Commentator (1)12/12/2017Mark Nicholas: A year on from his dramatic collapse
Mark Steinert, CEO,Stockland (1)16/8/2017Sydney and Melbourne incredibly strong
Mark Vassella, CEO, BlueScope Steel (1)26/2/2018Rising energy prices threaten Aussie steel manufacturers
Dr. Martin Fahy, CEO, Australian Superannuation Funds Association (ASFA) (4)7/8/2017How much super should you have at your age?
6/9/2017What is Superannuation Guarantee?
30/11/2017Why have Super Funds been dragged into the banking Royal Commission?
10/4/2017Housing Affordability and Superannuation
Martin North, Digital Finance Analytics (7)5/4/2018Can your family survive if there is an interest rate rise?
25/9/2017Was the ATM fee removal just a PR stunt?
2/11/2017How will banks look in the future?
14/3/2017Mortgage stress
13/10/2017Are the Chinese buying properties in drove?
10/5/2017Could there be a bank levy?
1/3/1900Why has ASIC launched a rate rigging suit against the CBA?
Mary O’Kane, Professor, NSW Chief Scientist (1)10/11/2017What could solve Australia’s productivity problem?
Mathias Cormann, Minister, Finance (1)10/5/2017Mathias Cormann – Budget 2017
Matt Thistlewaite, MP, Labour (1)7/3/2017Banking Inquiry – Matt Thistletwaite
Matt Beiker, CEO,Star Entertainment Group (ASX:SGR) (1)23/8/2017VIP gamblers cash in their chips
Matt Bekier, CEO, Star Entertainment (1)20/2/2018Star Entertainment sees record business from VIP rush
Matt Canavan, Minister, Resources and Northern Australia (2)6/6/2017Adani gives the green light for its Carmichael mine
27/11/2017Is the banking inquiry inevitable?
Matthew Pollock, Economy and Housing, Master Builders Association (1)26/7/2017Foreign home owners to halve
Matthew Warren, CEO, Australian Energy Council (6)7/9/2017Liddell closure – Is our power at risk?
28/3/2017Lessons From The South Australian Blackout -Matthew Warren
22/9/2017Newsletter – September 22 2017
22/11/2017Is the energy market facing more hardships?
17/10/2017Will the new energy plan work?
1/8/2017SA to buy nine new power generators
Matt Howell, CEO, Tomago Alluminium (1)27/9/2017Energy Crisis – Top end corporate electricity user speaks out
Matt Kean, Minister, NSW Fair Trading (1)10/10/2017How do businesses feel about three-year gift cards?
 Matt Leggett, Owner, Mansfield Holiday Park (1)4/10/2017National Broadband Nightmare
Matt Simmons, Driver, Racing Cars (1)24/10/2017From racing car game to the racing track
Max van Gelder,Team of 90, (1)10/4/2017Team of 90 Year Old Swimmers – Max Van Gelder
Meagan Lawson, CEO, Council of the Ageing (1)29/8/2017Time and Money…can you have both?
Megan Shellie, Chair,Youth Advisory Committee YMCA (1)20/4/2017I’ll never be able to afford a house – and older generations don’t give a damn
Meir Moalem, CEO,  Sky and Space Global (1)25/9/2017Nano satellites – A new era of Space in Australia
Merv Peacock, Former Chief Investment Officer, AMP (1)20/10/2017Stock Market crash of 1987
Michael Andrew, Chairman, Board of Taxation (2)4/7/2017Cracking Down on the Black Economy: Tracking $100 Notes
1/6/2017Cracking down on the black economy
Michael Bate, Head of Retail, Colliers International (4)7/9/2017Retail spending turns down
20/4/2017Amazon coming to Australia – Colliers International
15/12/2017How are retailers expecting this Christmas to go?
14/2/2018Can Myer survive?
5/10/2017Why has retail figures fallen?
Michael Blythe, Chief Economist, Commonwealth Bank (1)26/7/2017Inflation cools
Michael Bradley, CEO, Australian Automobile Association (1)23/10/2017Does your car guzzle more fuel than advertised?
Michael Cameron, CEO,of Suncorp  (1)3/8/2017Suncorp results lift, but fall short of market expectations
 Michael Gannon, President, Australia Medical Association (1)12/10/2017Does private health insurance need to be overhauled?
Michael Gudinski, Head, Frontier Touring  (2)7/11/2017Michael Gudinski: “We’ve won two, we’re going for three”
28/8/2017ACCC versus Viagogo: A NOgogo
Michaelia Cash, Minister,Employment (7)8/9/2017Getting back to work
31/8/2017Could Western Australia secede?
3/7/2017Employment – Real jobs or slavery?
20/3/2017Jail for corrupt payments between unions and business
19/4/2018Is personal income tax cuts on the agenda for the budget?
19/10/2017Unemployment at a four-year low but what about wages?
10/8/2017Bill Shorten would be in jail under new laws
 Michael Keenan, Minister, Justice (2)5/10/2017Do you welcome these changes to keep our country safe?
17/8/2017Laws tighten on money-laundering and terror financing
Michael Knox, Chief Economist, Morgan Stockbroking (2)5/6/2017Interest rate preview – Michael Knox Morgans Stockbroking
20/4/2017Where do Australian jobs come from? – Michael Knox Economist Morgans Stockbroking
Michael Oats, General Manager of Parcel and eCommerce Sales, Australia Post (1)11/12/2017When is the cutoff for Christmas deliveries?
Michael Pachi, Macquarie Media, Political Editor (3)20/3/2018CBA glitch allows thousands to overdraw
19/3/2018CBA admits it sold insurance to over 100,000 ineligible customers
14/3/2018NAB comes under grilling at Banking Royal Commission
Michael Peters, Research Fellow, Sydney School of Business (1)13/10/2017Does Westpac deserve to be sued over life policies?
Michael Rice, CEO,Rice Warner (5)27/10/2017Why joint superannuation accounts for married couples make sense
26/3/2017Super for homes
19/6/2017Superannuation changes from July 1 2017
15/5/2017Super changes in the 2017 Budget
14/8/2017How important is insurance to your superannuation?
Michael Rodden, ,The Australian (1)14/12/2017What are the new allegations against the Commonwealth Bank?
Michael Saadat, Senior Executive,ASIC (1)5/4/2017Interest-Only Home Loan Crackdown
Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chairman, ACCC (2)31/8/2017Excessive surcharges banned
17/11/2017Have you been hit with excessive payment surcharge?
Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sydney (2)20/4/2017Universities unhappy over axing of 457 Visas
14/9/2017Work while you study
Michael Waters, Executive Director, Liquor Stores Association NSW ; ACT (1)3/11/2017Why you’ll pay more for your beer
Michael West, Founder,michaelwest.com.au   (1)4/9/2017CBA may be in more hot water
Michelle Bullock, Assistant Governor, Financial System, Reserve Bank of Australia (1)25/7/2017Cash is no longer king
Michelle O’Reagen, ,Stackelroth Farms (1)16/10/2017What could make Halloween extra special this year?
Mike Cannon-Brooks, co-Founder, Atlassian (1)13/3/2017Solving the SA energy crisis – Tesla and Atlassian
Mike Cochran, CEO,of APAC Biofuels (1)4/5/2017Ethanol consumption hits a 6 year low
Mike Hirst, CEO,Bendigo and Adelaide Bank   (1)14/8/2017Bank industry being challenged on trust
Mike Kane, CEO, Boral (1)30/8/2017“We’ve mismanaged energy resources to the point where it’s embarrassing”
Dr Mike Kelly19/3/2018What happens after a disaster?
Milan Cukic,, Bannister Law (1)29/9/2017Shareholders are angry – but do they have a reason?
Mitch FiField, Minister, Communications and the Arts (4)31/5/2017Media execs in Canberra to support media reform – Mitch Fifield
28/8/2017CBS buys Channel Ten
27/3/2018Crackdown on ‘fake’ betting sites
12/5/2017Mitch Fifield – Media Law
Dr. Nadine Ezard, Associate Professor,St Vincent’s Hospital (1)12/6/2017More older people using drugs
Nadine Flood, National Secretary, Community and Public Sector Union (1)15/3/2018Australian Border Force Commissioner sacked over ‘questionable conduct’
Natalie James, Fair Work Ombudsman (2)5/3/2018Caltex breaches workplace laws
1/8/2017Fair Work Ombudsman: Natalie James
Natalie Smith, CEO,Compare Travel Insurance (1)23/3/2017Does travel insurance cover terrorism?
Nelson Matthews, President, Australian Meals on Wheels (1)20/4/2017Meals and Wheels funding at risk?
Nev Power, CEO,Fortescue Metals   (2)26/10/2017Will Fortescue meet its targets?
21/8/2017Stellar Result For Fortescue Metals
Nick O’Brien,Associate Professor,Charles Sturt University (1)5/6/2017London terror attacks
Nick Tarrant, Senior Industry Analyst,IBIS World (1)21/8/2017Worst Australian discretionary income growth in 25 years
Nick Xenophon, Nick Xenophon Team, Leader (2)22/11/2017How many more politicians will be ruled invalid?
18/10/2017Why has Crown been accused of tampering with poker machines?
 Nic Marsh, Researcher, Peace Research Institute Oslo (1)5/10/2017Does America have a gun problem?
 Niels Marquardt, CEO, American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (1)28/9/2017Donald Trump’s ‘once in a generation’ tax reform
Nigel Phair, Centre for Internet Safety, Canberra University. (2)4/7/2017Medicare details for sale on the Darknet
22/11/2017Are your details safe?
Nigel Pugh, Head,Venture Insights (1)12/2/20185g or NBN – which is the future?
Noel Whittaker, Author, (1)7/8/2017Simple guide to super
 Oleg Vornik, CEO,and Managing Director, Droneshield  (1)25/4/2017Drone gun being tested in the Middle East
Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director, New Zealand Initiative (1)19/10/2017NZ Shock: What does this mean for Australia?
Olivier Robinet, CEO, Decathlon Sports Australia (1)4/12/2017How will Decathlon shake up the market?
Pascal Saint-Amans, Center of Tax Policy and Administration at OECD, Director (1)7/11/2017What has been the fallout of the Paradise Papers?
Patrick Burke, Founder, Ayres Management (1)18/5/2017Tax investigation: “I smelled a rat’
Patrick Condon, Music Promoter, (1)23/1/2018The man who introduced Neil Diamond to Australia
Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist, HSBC (4)6/7/2017Housing market not in a bubble
23/1/2018Economic growth is up, but what does that mean for ordinary Australians?
12/12/2017Is the housing market cooling or crashing?
10/10/2017How do we keep the economic boom going?
Paul Broad, CEO,Snowy Hydro (2)16/3/2017Snowy Hydro 2.0 – Paul Broad CEO
10/4/2018Coal-fire power competitor says it’s ‘madness’ to close Liddell
Paul Dales, Chief Australian and New Zealand economist, Capital Economics (9)6/6/2017Interest rates on hold
4/4/2017Interest rates could still fall
3/11/2017Why did retail sales fall flat?
26/4/2017Inflation rates rise but not enough for rate hike
18/5/2017Wage growth stalls – Paul Dales Capital Economics
16/8/2017Household real wages aren’t rising
13/4/2017Surge in full-time jobs – Paul Dales
12/10/2017Has the housing boom come to an end?
1/8/2017Dollar still may fall
Paul Drum, Head of Policy, CPA Australia (1)2/8/2017Tradies using dodgy ABN’s to rip off Bunnings
Paul Geason, Managing Director, Momentum Energy (1)9/8/2017Power bill relief on the way
Paul Harris, Regional Director for Asia-Pacific,Rolls-Royce (1)3/8/2017Rolls-Royce Phantom
Pauline Hanson, Leader,One Nation Party (3)8/2/2018Why won’t One Nation back Company Tax Cuts?
7/9/2017Pauline Hanson: I would rather Bruce Gordon, than CBS
26/3/2018One Nation to support Company Tax Cuts
Paul Migliorini, Managing Director, Amazon Web Services Australia-New Zealand (1)12/12/2017Did you know Amazon has been operating in Australia for the past five years?
Paul O’Malley, CEO,BlueScope Steel (1)21/8/2017Rising energy costs to hurt BlueScope
Paul Perreault, CEO, CSL (1)14/2/2018Australia leading the way in innovation
Paul Schroder, Executive, The Australian Super Group (2)24/7/2017Women retire on average with less than half the amount of superannuation than men
10/4/2017The Secrets of Super Success – Paul Schroder AustSuper
Penelope Siedler, Wife,Harry Seidler (1)4/5/2017Australia Square – Penelope Siedler talks to Ross
Peter Beven, CFO, BHP (1)20/2/2018BHP Shareholders the big winners
James Nicholls,, Mossgreen Auctions (1)15/5/2017Peter Briggs auctions his Championship winning Holden Torana
Peter Coleman, CEO,Woodside (1)16/8/2017Woodside CEO Peter Coleman
Peter Costello, former Treasurer, (1)26/7/2017I’d manage the budget differently!
Peter Gago, Chief Wine-Maker,Penfolds  (1)19/10/2017What is “Super Grange”?
Peter Harris, Chairman, Productivity Commission (2)6/2/2018Should banking competition be suppressed in the name of safety?
19/7/2017Trump protectionism could hurt Australia
Peter Hiom,Deputy CEO,ASX (1)7/12/2017Why is the ASX using Blockchain?
Peter Jennings, Executive Director, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (2)8/12/2017Does the government have ‘China-phobia’?
5/12/2017Why has the government targeted foreign donations?
Peter Kell, Deputy Chairman, ASIC (3)3/4/2017ASIC cracks down on interest-only loans
2/8/2017QBE to refund $15.9 million to its customers
12/6/2017Dangers of SMSF’s pushing people to buy property
Peter King, Chief Financial Officer, Westpac (1)22/5/2017Westpac reveals the impact of the bank levy
Peter Lalor, Senior sports writer, The Australian (1)24/7/2017Australian senior cricketers vote to boycott Bangladesh tour
Peter Lock, Chief Executive, Heritage Bank (2)8/11/2017Will banking become more competitive?
17/7/2017From Building Society to Bank
Peter Molloy, CEO,RaceOncology   (1)14/8/2017New cancer hope with drug Big Pharma overlooked
Peter Nathan, CEO of Asia Pacific, a2 Milk (1)22/2/2018Why is a2 Milk shares soaring?
Peter Strong, CEO, Council for Small Business Australia (1)4/12/2017Why has the Senate voted down penalty rate cuts?
Peter Terret, MD,4D Flavours (1)3/4/2017Father and Son duo take on world of spices
Peter V’landys, CEO,Racing NSW (1)17/11/2017What will the Tabcorp-Tatts merger mean for racing?
Peter Whish-Walsh, Senator, Greens (1)29/11/2017Has the banking inquiry got the green light?
Peter Wilson, Chairman, HR Australia Institute (2)26/9/2017Why do you need HR?
24/1/2018Standards changing in the workplace – how do you know when your in trouble?
Phil Greguke, Retiring, (1)29/5/2017The quirkiest pub in the outback, the Mungerannie Hotel, is for sale
Philip Hemmings, Australia Desk Head , OECD (1)6/3/2017One in five chance of recession
Philipp Schroeder, CEO,Sonnen (1)5/4/2017Uber of Energy – Phillipp Schroeder MD Sonnen
Phil Larkin, CSIRO, Research Scientists (1)1/12/2017How can beer be gluten-free?
Phil White, CEO,QBE Lenders Mortgage Insurance (2)25/10/2017What will happen to property prices over the next three years?
10/7/2017Cop still on the beat at age 70
Piers Akerman, Columnist and Commentator, The Daily Telegraph (1)4/9/2017Shorten is Australian
Professor David Riley, Dean,University of Sydney (1)27/7/2017Quest to build a quantum computer
Professor Roger Wilkins, Author, Melbourne Institute (1)7/8/2017Budget pressure to be passed to the next generation
Pru Goward, Minister, NSW Family Community Services Social Housing Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assualt (1)15/5/2017Pru Goward – why so many women over age 55 are homeless
Dr Rachel David, CEO, Private Healthcare Australia (1)26/2/2018Why your health insurance premium is creeping up
Rebecca Cassells, Principal Research Fellow,Curtin University (1)26/4/2017Older workers happiest at work
Rhonda Bain, Mentor,L2P Learner Drive Program (1)27/9/2017L Plate Mentors Learner Drive Program
Richard Colbeck, Former Federal Minister, Tourism (1)2/11/2017Do we need a citizenship audit?
Richard Di Natale, Senator, Greens Leader (1)5/12/2017Should the PM call an election?
Richard Goyder, CEO, Wesfarmers (3)8/6/2017Richard Goyder: Supermarket Price Wars
17/8/2017Coles profit down down for the first time in 10 years
10/11/2017What is holding Australia back?
Richard Grace, Chief Currency Strategist, CBA (3)30/8/2017Aussie dollar to hit 85 US cents
27/7/2017Dollar goes through 80 U.S cents
25/1/2018Why is the Aussie Dollar soaring so high?
Richard Grant, Executive Director of Intelligence, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (1)24/8/2017Organised crime costing Australia $36 billion a year
Richard Henfrey, CEO, Blackmores (ASX:BKL) (1)29/8/2017Blackmores China sales decline
Richard Ings, Former CEO, ASADA (1)6/12/2017Why has Russia been kicked out of the Olympics?
Richard Murray, CEO, JB Hi-Fi (2)14/8/2017“Competition makes you stronger”
13/2/2018Is JB Hi-Fi finally feeling the pressure of Amazon?
Richard Yetsenga, Chief Economist, ANZ Bank (1)5/9/2017Rates on hold…. again.
Rick Price, Musician, California Dreaming (1)14/2/2018California Dreaming: Rick Price and Jack Jones
Ric Smith, Former Secretary,Department of Defence  (1)18/7/2017Do we need a Home Affairs portfolio?
Robert Dane, CEO, Ocius (1)3/10/2017How this nautical drone can transform border control
Professor Deutsch, Senior Tax Council,  Tax Institute (3)8/5/2017Budget preview – Bob Deutsch
27/4/2017Trump’s tax plan to impact Australia
1/5/2017Changes to Super are coming soon
3/7/2017The new world of superannuation
12/6/2017Tax tips for the end of the financial year
Robert Muller, Managing Director, BIS Oxford Economics (1)10/8/2017The collapse of the housing industry is on the way
Robert Rennie, Chief Currency Strategist, Westpac (2)17/7/2017Why is the Australia dollar rallying?
10/11/2017Why has the RBA lowered the inflation forecast?
Rob Klaric, Partner, The Property Expert (1)15/12/2017Is the property boom over?
Rob Scott, Incoming CEO, Wesfamers (3)25/10/2017Is our debt putting the economy at risk?
21/2/2018Wesfarmers profit slumps
20/3/2018Coles to be carved out of Wesfarmers, but who wins?
Rob Taber, New England Solar, Owner (1)27/10/2017Who is Barnaby up against?
Robyn Monro Miller, CEO, Network Community Activities (1)27/9/2017Parents stops child care merger
Rod Drury, CEO, XERO (1)9/11/2017Why will XERO join the ASX?
Rodney Cavalier, former Minister, Energy and Finance (1)16/8/2017“Higher standards in Australia than the US”
Rod Simms, ACCC, Chairman (1)20/2/2018Why are Big Four Banks in the ACCC’s sights?
Rod Sims, Chairman, ACCC (11)30/8/2017ACCC loses Federal Court case against Medibank
30/5/2017ACCC takes health fund NIB to court – Rod Sims
30/10/2017What does the competition watchdog ACCC say about the NBN?
29/11/2017Why is the ACCC taking Ashley & Martin to court
26/7/2017ACCC: Unconscionable and misleading conduct
26/3/2018ACCC brings Telstra to court again
21/8/2017Consumer contracts getting up my nose
18/5/2017ACCC warns against bank fee hikes
16/10/2017What gives the right to those with market power to profit?
15/3/2018ACCC reveals glaring lack of competition in mortgage pricing
10/8/2017Car industry on notice
Roger Coleman, Media Analyst, CCZ Station Equities (3)28/6/2017Media Reforms to save broadcasters $130 million dollars
24/8/2017Lachlan Murdoch and Bruce Gordon free to buy Network Ten
15/8/2017One Nation to support media reforms
Roger Corbett, Former CEO, Woolworth (1)20/11/2017Is Amazon a threat for Australian Business?
Roger Waters, Co-Founder,Pink Floyd (1)8/2/2018Roger Waters: ‘People don’t go into rock and roll bands for the art, old boy’
Ronan Sulich, Director, Christies Australia (1)10/11/2017How did a $59 Da Vinci fetch half-a-billion dollars?
Rory Macleod, CEO, Freedom Foods (ASX:FNP) (1)9/10/2017Why is the stock market going nuts for Almond Milk?
Rory Medcalf, Head of College,National Security College ANU (2)8/8/2017Serious gaps in Australia’s cyber defences
22/2/1900Just how dangerous is the Cabinet File Leak?
Ross Wilson and Eric McCusker, Musicians,Mondo Rock (1)16/10/2017What is Mondo Rock up to now?
Rowan Ramsey, Local Member,Grey (1)5/7/2017No Whyalla wipeout
Russell Zimmerman, Executive Director,Australian Retailers Association (1)5/7/2017Casuals have the right to become permanent employees
Ryan Newberry, Cabbie, Tamworth (1)26/9/2017Good Guy Cabbie
Sharid Jain, Director,S and P Global Ratings (1)30/11/2017What impact will a Royal Commission have on the banks?
Sam Cox, One Nation, Candidate for Burdekin (1)30/10/2017Does One Nation have a chance in QLD Election?
Sam Macedone, Founder,Macedone Lawyers (2)7/8/2017Divorce and superannuation: Who gets what?
29/11/2017Harassment: where the lines are drawn
Sam Marwood, Co-founder, Cultivate Farms (1)31/7/2017It’s your turn to own a farm!
Sam McDonagh, Country Manager, Airbnb Australia (1)20/4/2017NSW Government gives qualified support to lifting bans on short-term rentals
Sam Middleton, Chief Wine Maker,Mount Mary   (1)14/8/2017Award winning wine is a family business
Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman, GFG Alliance (1)20/7/2017Arrium’s new owner Sanjeev Gupta
Sarah Ager, Choice, Head of Campaign and Policy (1)11/4/2018Thermomix fined $4.6 million after reports of severe burns
Sarah Court, Commissioner, ACCC (1)5/6/2017Optus to refund customers after cutting data without telling them
Sarah Hunter, Head of Australian Macroeconomics, BIS Oxford Economics (1)25/2/1900Inflation rates rising means you will still feel the pinch
Saul Eslake, Vice Chancellor and Fellow, University of Tasmania (1)10/4/2017Negative Gearing Reform – Saul Eslake
Scott Buchholz, Secretary, Coalition Backbench Committee on Economics and Finance (1)11/10/2017How do Bank chiefs stand under pressure?
Scott Haslem, Group Economist, UBS (1)24/4/2017Has Australia’s housing market peaked?
Scott Morrison, Treasurer, Federal Government (23)9/8/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison: Its not looking after your customer, its taking them for granted
9/8/2017Vocational Education on the rise…despite crackdown
9/4/2018Scott Morrison says ‘we’re not at war’, will not go after Liddell
8/11/2017Can this Government function if it’s in a minority position?
7/6/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison: We do not want a recession
7/3/2018Is Australia’s economy in good shape?
6/9/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison: Vesey said he would sell to a responsible owner
6/12/2017Should you be asking for a pay rise?
4/7/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison: RBA’s decision today is a sign of optimism
30/5/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison “Crackdown on Bank Execs”
25/1/2018Does Australia still have a AAA credit rating?
24/10/2017Can our Treasurer increase productivity and living standards?
22/1/2018Should we have Company tax cuts?
20/11/2017Will there be a banking inquiry?
19/7/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison: Banks hold enough capital to withstand a financial storm
18/5/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison – “Let me tell you about Ken Henry…”
18/4/2018Scott Morrison ‘deeply disturbed’ by AMP misconduct, ramps up ASIC’s power
18/12/2017What has changed since the May budget?
17/10/2017Does the Treasurer have a plan to lower your energy bills?
16/5/2017NAB Chairman Ken Henry wants an inquiry into the bank levy
10/5/20172017 Budget Podcast Speech 33 Minutes
10/5/2017Treasurer Scott Morrison High Taxes, High Spending
10/11/2017Why are our wages not increasing?
Scott Phillips, Motley Fool (2)28/3/2018Billabong shareholders give green light to $208m takeover
27/9/2017How to Guide to Cryptocurrency Investments
Scott Stewart, State Member,Townsville (1)29/8/2017Clive Palmer: “I don’t owe anyone anything”
Dr Shalin Naik, Researcher, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (1)17/11/2017Is it possible to map every cell in the human body?
Shane Garrett, Sn Economist, Housing Industry Association  (1)31/7/2017New home sales at lowest level since 2013
Shane McInnes,, Macquarie Radio (1)5/9/2017Socceroos need a win!
Sharad Jain, Director,S and P Global Ratings (1)22/5/2017S&P cuts ratings for 23 financial institutions
Shayne Elliot, CEO,ANZ Bank (3)26/10/2017ANZ might have posted billions in profit, but is it as it all seems?
21/2/2018ANZ CEO admits banks have lost community trust
2/5/2017Shayne Elliot CEO of ANZ Half Year Results 2017
Simon Cohen, Director, Consumer Affairs in Victoria (1)27/7/2017iTunes scam costs Melbourne woman $46,000
Simon Kelly, CEO, Ardent Leisure (2)31/8/2017Is Dreamworld viable?
25/5/2017Shareholder revolt at Ardent Leisure
Simon Mawhinney, Managing Director, Allan Gray (1)3/5/2017Fairfax announces job cuts
Simon Westaway, CEO,  Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (1)9/4/2018Are companies really working to improve their practices?
Skander Malcolm, CEO, OFX (1)2/10/2017Banks reap billions in hidden foreign exchange fees
Solomon Lew, Premier Investments, Chairman (4)25/9/2017Solomon Lew – Closing Retail Stores in Melbourne Bourke Street
24/11/2017Is Myer in serious decline?
1/11/2017How do you become a better retailer?
1/11/2017How would Solomon Lew fix Myer?
Stephen Anthony, Chief Economist, Industry Funds and John Maroney, CEO SMSF Association (4)5/3/2018Self-managed super: Yes or no?
29/5/2017Putting off the inevitable – Stephen Anthony
14/9/2017Why our retirement savings may be at risk
10/11/2017How the housing crisis is changing the Australian dream
Stephen Byron, MD, Canberra Airport  (1)31/7/2017Will airport delays affect short air-routes?
Stephen Marshall,  Opposition Leader,South Australian  (2)6/10/2017Will there be a deal with Xenophon?
3/7/2017SA Liberals to block the State Bank Tax
Stephen Sedgwick, Former, Australian Public Service (1)20/4/2017Review into how banks remunerate staff
Stephen Smith, Head, National Workplace Relations Policy (1)6/9/2017Fair Work Commission Blood Donor Case Rejected
Stevan Premutico, founder and chief executive, Dimmi (1)3/7/2017Founder of Dimmi to step down after 10 years
Steve Baxter, Founder, River City Labs (2)25/7/2017NBN: What have we done to ourselves?
Steve Baxter, Founder, River City Labs (2)23/10/2017Is the NBN a disaster?
Steve Ingram, Asia Pacific Cyber leader, PwC (1)17/4/2018Hundreds of Australian companies under Russian cyber attack
Steven Mann, CEO,Urban Development Insititute of Australia (1)1/6/2017Tax hike on foreign buyers will worsen affordability
Steven Worrall, CEO, Microsoft Australia (1)7/2/2018Microsoft Australia launches National Skills Program
Steve Spalding, Head of Technology Safety, RACQ (2)20/4/2017Buyers beware as flooded cars flood the market
1/8/2017Diesel vehicle ownership soars
Steve Worthington, Professor, Payment Experts (1)13/12/2017Is the Bitcoin bubble about to burst?
Stuart Bishop, CEO, Wallace Bishop (1)20/9/2017A Diamond Business
Stuart Crosthwaite, Milk Producer, Kiewa Valley (1)27/10/2017What do the farmers say?
Sue Taylor, Director, Census Data  (1)27/6/2017Census 2016: Changes in Ausltralia
Teresa Corbin, CEO,Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (2)8/11/2017Are you an unhappy NBN customer?
15/12/2017Optus in trouble for the second time this week
Terry McCrann, business commentator, News Corp (1)9/11/2017Can Murdoch keep control of Fox?
Tessa Buenen, Marketing Manager, TK Maxx (1)27/4/2017TK Maxx lands in Sydney
Thomas Heaton,, (1)10/11/2017Hole-In-One at 15 years-of-age
Thomas Janson, Department Manager for Transport, Shine Lawyers (1)11/4/2017Overbooked Flights – Thomas Janson Shine Lawyers
Tilly South, Policy and Campaigns Advisor,CHOICE (1)7/6/2017Airfare scams from cheap websites
Tim Bailey, CEO, Life and Investments at Zurich Australia (1)13/12/2017Why did ANZ sell its life insurance business?
Tim Finney, Principal, Phi Finney McDonald (1)10/4/2018Bad First Day for New CBA Boss
Tim Fischer, Former Deputy Prime Minster, Australia (1)1/12/2017Do you support John Barilaro?
Tim Gurner, Developer, Property (1)15/5/2017Tim Gurner  “When I was buying my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each”
Tim Lawless, Head of Research, Corelogic RP Data (8)4/9/2017Hobart is Best
3/7/2017Property gains over the second quarter of 2017 is losing steam
3/4/2017Property prices surge – Core Logic
28/3/2017Top 25 Best and Worst Performing Areas Over The Past 25 years
2/10/2017Has Sydney lost steam in the housing market?
1/8/2017Two-tier property market
1/6/2017House prices fall for the first time in 18 months
1/5/2017Two hottest housing markets show signs of slowing down in April
Tim Reed, CEO, MYOB (1)21/3/2018Will the company tax cuts pass now?
Tim Wilson, Liberal Member, Member for Goldstein (2)7/12/2017Same-Sex Marriage now legal
14/3/2017Pubs boycott Coopers beer – Tim Wilson
Todd Harland, AML Solution, Co-Founder (1)13/12/2017CBA admits breaching anti-money laundering laws
Tom Griffiths,, Emma and Tom’s Juices (1)3/11/2017How will businesses be affected by the container deposit scheme?
Tom Malone, Nine Network, Heads of Sports (1)29/3/2018Will Channel Nine keep the cricket?
Tom Walsh, Senior Research Scientist,CSIRO (1)2/8/2017The Hungry Little Caterpillar
Tony Greco, General Manager, Technical Policy for Institute for Public Accountants (1)7/8/2017ATO systems aren’t bound by commercial service standards
Tony Shepherd, Former President, Business Council of Australia (5)6/12/2017Is shorten at war with businesses?
5/2/2018Is Bill Shorten deliberately lurching to the left?
28/9/2017How is Australia losing its competitive position?
13/3/2018Unions launch their attack
1/5/2017Pension Spending is too high
Tony Teranov, Found Gold, (1)21/9/2017Gold Hunter at 73!
Tony Wheeler, Founder, Lonely Planet (1)26/6/2017How to Travel the world and make money while doing it
Tony Wood, Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute (1)23/11/2017Should Alinta get back into coal-fired power?
Trevor Sykes, Australian Finance Journalist, (1)18/10/2017What did the 1987 stock market crash teach us?
Troy Grant, Minister, NSW Police (1)8/6/2017New ‘shoot to kill’ counter-terrorism laws
Tull Roseby,,Daily Care (1)26/6/2017How to choose the right aged-care provider for you
Usain Bolt, World’s Fastest Man (1)17/4/2018The moment Usain Bolt doubted his retirement, ‘I wasn’t happy’
Veronica Croome, Chief Nurse, ACT (1)31/7/2017ACT Chief Nurse retires
Victor Dominello, Finance Minister, NSW (1)22/5/2017Will your car let you know where the cheapest petrol deals are?
Vincent McAviney,,Radio Network LBC (1)23/5/2017Manchester Attack – Vincent McAviney
Vincent Sheehan, Founder, Porchlight Films (1)24/4/2017Australian Film and TV industry at new heights
Wade Tink, ex, Army Officer (1)24/8/2017Ex-Army officer making a difference in the developed world
Warren Chant, Director, Chant West (1)29/6/2017Superannuation funds to return 10.5%
Warren Mundine, Political Leader, (1)11/12/2017Warren Mundine: In Black + White
Will Coulton, Farmer, (1)13/11/2017NSW Farmer of the Year Nominee
Will Day, Deputy Commissioner of Private Groups and High Wealth Individuals, ATO (1)29/3/2018Largest tax fraud in Australia history ends with man behind bars
Wilson Tuckey, former member,Liberal Party (1)9/10/2017Who will benefit from the GST shake up?
Winston Cheng, President of International Business, JD.com (1)20/2/2018China’s $72 billion retail giant set to shake up Australian market
Winston Sammut, Managing Director, Folkestone Asset Management (1)22/1/2018Real-estate shake up – what does it mean for the property market?
Ziva Lavecky, Managing Director,Ziva Corporate (1)15/5/2017Ransomware victim speaks out