A to Z list of People Interviewed in 2019

For the year 2019 the following are interviews with Ross Greenwood.  Since March 2017 over 1000 Interviews representing various organisations and most of them transcribed!! (2018, 2017

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Adam Hope, general Manager, RemaPak (1)21/1/2019Gas Prices send business into administration
 Adam McNamara, General Manager of Consumer Products, Bega Foods  (1)22/1/2019Why Ash Barty is a ‘Happy Little Vegemite’
Allan Lew, CEO, Optus  (1)31/1/2019Optus switches on first-ever 5G Broadband line
Andreas Clark, CEO, Wine Australia  (1)23/1/2019Aussie wine in more demand than ever
Andrew Neverly, Apartment Owner (1)28/1/2019Is this acceptable? Opal Tower builder to stop paying for food and temporary accommodation
Andrew Thorburn, CEO, NAB (1)5/2/2019Did Andrew Thorburn offer his resignation to the NAB board?
Anna Bligh, CEO, Australian Bankers Association (1)29/1/2019Can banks come back from the Royal Commission?
Annette Beacher, Chief Economist, TD Securities (1)24/1/2019Employment in demand, when will wages rise?
Audrey Zibelman, Managing Director, AEMO (1)24/1/2019Can the energy grid cope with broken down generators and record heatwave?
Besa Deda, Chief Economist, St George Bank (1)6/2/2019Will the RBA raise or lower interest rates?
Catherine Tanna, Managing Director, Energy Australia  (1)6/2/2019Is renewable energy the issue or the solution?
Cathy O’Toole, Member for Herbert, Labor (1)5/2/2019Townsville floods: Bodies of two men found in stormwater drain
Clare O’Neill, shadow minister, financial services (1)5/2/2019Can the Liberals be trusted to deal with findings of Royal Commission?
Danny Price, Managing Director, Frontier Economics (1)30/1/2019Soaring temperatures put energy grid on notice…again
David Murray, Chairman, AMP  (1)5/2/2019AMP survives Royal Commission slap down but not out of the woods yet
Framy Browne, Head of Family Law, Lavan (1)21/1/2019Could you pass your tax debt to a former partner?
Graeme Orr, Professor of Law, University of Queensland  (1)28/1/2019Has Clive Palmer been able to buy votes?
 Graeme Samuel, Former ACCC Chairman (1)5/2/2019Graeme Samuel to lead review of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
John ‘Wacka’ Williams, Senator, Nationals  (1)31/1/2019The history and consequences of the banking royal commission
Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer, Federal Government (2)5/2/2019Was the Royal Commission’s final report too soft?
22/1/2019Is Australia headed for a recession?
Matt Comyn, CEO, CBA (1)6/2/2019Will CBA put you above their profits?
Michaelia Cash, Minister Employment, Parliament (1)29/1/2019Can Scott Morrison deliver 1.25m new jobs over five years?
Napoleon Perdis, Founder, Napoleon Perdis Group (1)31/1/2019Napoleon Perdis is the latest retail victim
Paul Maric, CarAdvice (1)24/1/2019Ford to cut jobs
 Paul Zalai, Director, Freight and Trade Alliance  (1)22/1/2019Why this bug is causing a ‘stink’ in the freight industry
Peter Jennings, Executive Director, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (1)29/1/2019Chinese telco Huawei accused of conspiracy, fraud and theft
Peter Nathan, CEO of Asia Pacific, a2 Milk (1)23/1/2019Is there a baby formula crisis?
Phil Sims, CEO, Robern Menz (1)24/1/2019Polly Waffle to return to Aussie supermarket shelves