9News: Frank Farewell

Ross Greenwood: Today a once penniless refugee signed off work after almost 60 years.

The young man who came to Australia after World War Two, looking for a fresh start.

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Sir Frank Lowey: Nobody asked me what my religion was. No one was chasing me and I did not have to hide.

Ross: While he started with nothing, that is not the Frank Lowey today.

The founder and co-chairman of Westfield was today named Australia’s fifth richest man with $8.4 billion.

John Stensholt: Frank Lowey is one of the 15 pre-millennials we’ve had on the rich list since 1984.

Frank Lowey: There are a lot more things that are much more achievable and pleasure bale than making money.

Ross: Westfield shareholders voted to merge with Europe’s biggest shopping centre owner, Unibail-Rodamco – a deal worth $16 billion.

Steve Lowey: It’s the biggest merger and acquisition ever in the country.

Ross: But the day was all about the man who created the Empire, from his ingenuity and his sweat.

What would you tell that young migrant who came to Australia 60 years ago or so?

Frank: Keep at it, son. Keep at it.

Ross: And his three sons who saw him first hand inside the company.

Peter Lowey: Even when it was hard, even if we made the wrong decision, how to make the right move forward.

Ross: And the eldest brother as well – who famously moved out of the country to pursue rock ‘n’ roll.

David Lowey: Dad is very flexible of my and he knows its important we all have our own lives and do what we want to do.

Ross: Frank Lowey was able to come to Australia after the second World War as a penniless refugee and then not only create one of the world’s largest shopping centre groups, and then to become one of the richest people in Australia – its not only a testament to him, but also to this country as well.

Ross Greenwood, Nine News


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