One Nation to support Company Tax Cuts

Ross Greenwood speaks to One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson shortly after she confirmed One Nation will back the Federal Government’s company tax cuts.

Introduction: One Nation to support Company Tax Cuts

Ross Greenwood:  The government have been hoping tonight to get through the Senate a vote on potential corporate tax cuts. It seems it’s very close to winning those crossbench senators support and are still holding out, you’ve actually got say for example Derryn Hinch is still sitting out there saying he won’t support them but late this evening there has been a significant change in the attitude of one nation and Pauline Hanson.

Now just here a few weeks ago, I spoke to Pauline Hanson and this was her attitude at that time.

Pauline Hanson: I said it was going to create employment. People will invest back into their own companies. I don’t believe that to be the case. Don’t come to the federal government and say, “we want company tax cuts.” What I’d say is, “Go to your state governments, get rid of the payroll tax or reduce it.” It gives the companies incentive to actually put on more workers.

Ross Greenwood:  Something has happened in the meantime. Pauline Hanson, leader of one nation is on the line right now, many thanks for your time Pauline.

Interview with: Pauline Hanson, Senator, One Nation

Pauline Hanson: Oh Hi Ross.

Ross Greenwood:  In the last couple of weeks, what happened? What changed your mind in regards to these company tax cuts because I understand this evening you’ve said you will support the government in these company tax cuts.

Pauline Hanson: Yes. I have and we will be supporting the government in the corporate tax cuts. Actually did a tour through Queensland up to Rockhampton. Some of the businesses there often springs, doing it awfully tough up there plus also went over to WA just two weeks ago and up to the Port Hedland. I had the woodside, Fortescue Medals with their corporation there and having spoken to them, I had spent some time talking Twiggy Forrest as well and these businesses need to have their cuts.

Twiggy Forrest has said he will put all the monies back into his business. I don’t believe that of all business. I’ve got letter here in front of me that other businesses said they will actually reinvest into their companies but I believe to the extent of Twiggy Forrest, but I believe if we don’t start looking after Australian businesses and giving them some relief because the anti-bills are actually crippling them and they are going to fold or they’re going to leave and go off-shore.

Ross Greenwood:  The other thing also I was going to ask about is in regards to these company tax cuts, do you believe now that you have actually given your agreement to these company tax cuts that the other senators, those independent crossbench senators are likely to also to follow?

Pauline Hanson: Look I haven’t been speaking to them. That’s up to the government to actually talk to them and negotiate with them. They may. I found that previously in the past that once they know that one nation is on board, that they’ve actually then do come and support the legislation that’s before them, but I’ve got to say, Ross, having look at what’s happening in America, now the companies’ there and this year it was 400 companies.

Only 13% said they wouldn’t support it but now of the 500, 200 have actually said they’ve increased employment. It is starting to happen in America. I’ve got to take that into consideration but a lot of people are saying, “Why are you giving them the corporate tax cuts here, here we have a lot of multinationals in the country.” They’re not paying taxes. That is what I will be targeting as I have targeted in the past about multinationals. I have been on about to the government about these multinationals paying their taxes.

Also, the government is going to bring down cuts to the income to the PAYG payer.

Ross Greenwood:  Now I was going to ask you about this Pauline. Do you believe the government as a part of this is going to end up handing out personal tax cuts as well as corporate tax cuts because you represent the battlers out there that struggle sometimes. Do you believe as part of your deal that you can also say that the government you think will actually hand out income cut tax cuts?

Pauline Hanson: It’s not part of my deal. I didn’t do a deal with regards to this but I did get insurances because I did raise it and I got insurances from that they will be doing cuts.

Ross Greenwood:  That’s interesting because that hasn’t yet been spelled out.

Pauline Hanson: Well they said they have spoken about it. He’s confirmed that again that they will be giving income tax cuts and it is planned for the budget. I don’t know any detail whatsoever but the government is trying to be fair to corporations plus also the PAYG payer. I think Ross, I’ve looked at this. I’ve travelled around. I’ve spoken to businesses and I’m telling you if we do not start doing something, giving them some relief they will be shutting up and you’re going to have more unemployment and we’ve seen businesses, industries manufacturing shutting down.

Ross Greenwood:  Okay so 65 billion dollars. Somebody just sent me an email a little while ago saying a lot of this doesn’t kick off for many companies until five years time, of course, we don’t get down without 25% rate that the government is proposing for that period of time. It does eventually edge down. It actually involves more companies over that period of time. Are you happy with the time frame or do you think really that many companies need this relief from taxations are competitive advantage in some ways more quickly than the five-year time frame?

Pauline Hanson: Yes I do but because of this, the budget needs to be back in surplus. They’ve actually wanted to address that which I can understand so that’s why the corporate taxes aren’t going to come in full until 26, 27, so they’re putting place. They’re actually going to give businesses the opportunity to put things in place. They know that they will get corporate tax rates cuts. This deal Ross, my understanding is going to be 35 billion. In total, the total package up to 15 million which was past last year plus this one is 65 billion.

The first one’s been passed. If we don’t pass this, then it’s handing 35 billion to the labor party and I tell you what. What they have done in the past is waste so much money. They are not economic managers of this country and I don’t trust what they’re going to do with it of them buying boats and that’s all they do. Their corporate tax, what they’re talking about the franking credits, I believe that was policy on the run.

They are now coming up saying they’re going to let all pensioners off the hook and they won’t be charged. They won’t be charged into franking credits. The whole thing is that if we don’t– if the labor gets their way of the franking credits, people will move their investment to another area. They may take it out of the stock market and they’ll invest in other areas. What impact will that have on our stock market to business?

Also, I don’t believe they’ve really thought this out.

Ross Greenwood: Just one last thing, you did also mention payroll tax reforms previously when we’d spoken. Do you think people should still be continuing to pressure their state governments that control payroll tax because obviously many people have always said that’s a tax on employment?

Pauline Hanson: Most definitely Ross. It is our policy under one nation and we took it to the Queensland state elections. I’ve thought of actually approaching the government with this and they didn’t go with it but it will be something that we will continue to push and if we can get payroll tax, especially in rural regional areas, the payroll tax cuts there first encourage industries and manufacturing to the rural regional areas first before the cities and to move industry to those townships that are dying.

I think it will be so beneficial to this country but something else keep pushing.

Ross Greenwood:  Pauline Hanson, always good to have in the program, just a final one for you and that is I know that you’re book launch tomorrow that Tony Abbott the former prime minister’s going to actually be launching it for you which is an interesting thing. You haven’t always had the smoothest relationship with Tony Abbott. It would be fair to say.

Pauline Hanson: Of course not and I’ll admit he’s admitted it too because he was behind the flash band and my going to jail in prison. Ross if I can get over it, everyone else should get over it. The whole fact is that I’m in parliament. He’s in parliament. Now he rang me and congratulated me and my win. We don’t agree on policies. All policies or as some things that we do. He’s now talking about reducing immigration, population explosion that we’re having and other things but we’ve start with what we believe in and that’s in the past.

It’s gone. I can’t change what’s happened in the past. We’re both here in parliament. Let’s work together the best way we possibly can and ensure that we’re doing the right thing for the people and the country.

Ross Greenwood:  Enjoy the book launch tomorrow. Pauline Hanson as always we appreciate your time here on the program.

Pauline Hanson: Bye.


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