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  • 9News: Rate Rise

    9News: Rate Rise

    Peter Overton: This is the first move in some time Ross Greenwood: The first move in some time Peter, and Westpac will not be the first bank and only bank that will raise interest rates. You could tell that today, simply because the share price of all our major banks jumped sharply on this news […]Read More »
  • Rates on hold…. again.

    Rates on hold…. again.

    Richard Yetsenga, Chief Economist at ANZ, discusses the interest rate decision. Rates on hold..again  Ross Greenwood: Let’s go to another important aspect today, interest rates, a decision made by the Reserve Bank. No surprise it was on hold. It’s what happens next– is the most important thing. Richard Yetsenga is the Chief Economist at the […]Read More »
  • Will we ever know what happened to MH370?

    Will we ever know what happened to MH370?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Former Qantas Head of Safety and AvLaw International Founder, Ron Bartsch, after Malaysian investigators say they are no “closer to knowing” what caused the disappearance of the flight despite a 15,000-page report. Introduction: Will we ever know what happened to MH370? Ross Greenwood: The senior investigator into the downing of the Malaysian airliner MH370, […]Read More »
  • Where do you spend your money?

    Where do you spend your money?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Head of Macroeconomics at BIS Oxford Economics, Sarah Hunter, about the latest retail figures which show Australians spend more money on food and household items over clothing and footwear. Introduction: Where do you spend your money? Ross Greenwood: There might be a bit of good news around the place in regards to the retail […]Read More »
  • Companies will feel the sting if found breaking consumer law

    Companies will feel the sting if found breaking consumer law

    Ross Greenwood speaks to ACCC Chairman Rod Sims after he announced companies who breach consumer law will be hit with much higher financial penalties. Introduction: Companies will feel the sting if found breaking consumer law Ross Greenwood: Great to have your company here on Money News, right around the country. I want to take you to something […]Read More »

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