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  • Unemployment rate steady but RBA still likely to cut interest rate further

    Ross Greenwood speaks to ANZ head of Australian Economics David Plank as the unemployment rate has remained steady at 5.2 per cent but participation rates are at record highs. Ross Greenwood: As I indicated the Australian unemployment right today was out came in at 5.2% that was steady but it doesn’t tell the full story […]Read More »
  • Excessive surcharges banned

    ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper says that from tomorrow Australian businesses will be banned from hitting customers with excessive surcharges Excessive surcharges banned Ross Greenwood:  Welcome back to Money News right around Australia. Well, as I’ve told you several times, tomorrow is September the 1st. The last quarter of the year, but there also is […]Read More »
  • 9News: Facebook launches own currency

    Ross Greenwood: Australians know social media. We know Facebook. We’re among the world’s heaviest users of chats, texts, tweets, and emojis. Ad: Why is it simple to send one of these anywhere, in an instant … but not money Greenwood: Libra challenges banks … and Governments by creating a simple international currency. No exchange rates. […]Read More »
  • Rates on hold…. again.

    Richard Yetsenga, Chief Economist at ANZ, discusses the interest rate decision. Rates on hold..again  Ross Greenwood: Let’s go to another important aspect today, interest rates, a decision made by the Reserve Bank. No surprise it was on hold. It’s what happens next– is the most important thing. Richard Yetsenga is the Chief Economist at the […]Read More »
  • 9News: New Money

    Deborah Knight, Nine News Sydney:  First the 5, 10 and 50… Now our twenty-dollar bill has been given a makeover. You won’t see them in your wallet until October, but today its design – and security secrets – were revealed Ross Greenwood: It’s known as a lobster – or a crayfish if you like – […]Read More »
  • Are you a confident consumer? The analysis says so

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Senior Economist with Westpac (ASX:WBC) , Matthew Hassan, about the consumer confidence index has jumped to its highest level in four years. Introduction: Are you a confident consumer? The analysis says so Ross Greenwood: Good news we’re more confident or maybe we are, I’m not sure. Let’s try and find out now, because […]Read More »
  • 9News: Kickback Scheme

    Deborah Knight, Nine News Sydney: The National Australia Bank has been caught-up in a fresh scandal, but this time, police say, it’s the victim. The allegations which centre on kickbacks for corporate travel go to the very top of the bank. Ross Greenwood: it was the highest of lives- champagne, the Melbourne Cup, Limousines, private […]Read More »
  • Companies will feel the sting if found breaking consumer law

    Ross Greenwood speaks to ACCC Chairman Rod Sims after he announced companies who breach consumer law will be hit with much higher financial penalties. Introduction: Companies will feel the sting if found breaking consumer law Ross Greenwood: Great to have your company here on Money News, right around the country. I want to take you to something […]Read More »
  • Would you sign up for a Coles loyalty program?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Marketing Focus’ Barry Urquhart about Coles railing a loyalty program called Flybuys Max, offering free delivery, online video streaming services and five per cent discounts on all fresh produce, including meat. Introduction: Would you sign up for a Coles loyalty program? Ross Greenwood: Okay, let’s get to this other issue today, Coles. Suggesting a new […]Read More »
  • CBA glitch allows thousands to overdraw

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Macquarie Radio’s Political Editor, Michael Pachi, about revelations from the banking Royal Commission which saw CBA’s Clive van Horen blamed a computer glitch after nearly 10,000 customers receiving overdrafts they weren’t able to repay. Introduction: CBA glitch allows thousands to overdraw Ross Greenwood: Day two of the banking Royal Commission got underway today. We’ll have […]Read More »

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