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  • Money Minute – December 6 2017 Amazon Fizzler

    Money Minute – December 6 2017 Amazon Fizzler

    Amazon Fizzler Great to have your company. I don’t know about you but all the hype about Amazon’s launch in Australia which seemed to be more of a fizz than bang which is a shame for the world’s third best retailer, easily the fastest growing. But something went wrong with the launch. For a company […]Read More »
  • Faster transactions, but is it safe?

    Faster transactions, but is it safe?

    Ross Greenwood speaks with NPP CEO Adrian Lovney about instant payments and bank transfers launched today by the New Payments Platform (NNP). Introduction: Faster transactions, but is it safe? Ross Greenwood:  Let’s get to another thing that’s started from today, and that is the age-old complaint that banks take three days to actually move money from one […]Read More »
  • Are the banks ignorant?

    Are the banks ignorant?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Nationals Senator Barry O’Sullivan has slammed the banking industry as “ignorant” to the needs of farmers, saying conditions within loan agreements set up hard-working Australians in the bush for failure. Ross Greenwood:  Great to have your company here on money news right around Australia. As we told you just a little earlier, […]Read More »
  • 9News: Branch Closures

    9News: Branch Closures

    Peter Overton: Sydney will bear the brunt of 29 BankWest branch closures across Australia’s East Coast, with more than 200 people set to lose their jobs. Unions say the shutdown in capital cities is an alarming new development, but more are likely to come as technology changes the way we bank. Ross Greenwood: Today’s large […]Read More »
  • Money Minute – November 22 2017 Tourist Dollar Battle

    Money Minute – November 22 2017 Tourist Dollar Battle

    Tourist Dollar Battle Of course, this is the home of the Australian Open golf this year. I got to tell you, Jason Day just down on the practice fairway right now, saw him just a short time ago. But what I want to talk to you about this is Big Money. The reason for that […]Read More »
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