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  • Thermomix fined $4.6 million after reports of severe burns

    Thermomix fined $4.6 million after reports of severe burns

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Sarah Agar from Consumer Group CHOICE about how Thermomix knowingly sold kitchen appliances which had the potential to injure users, lying about the safety of its products, and refusing refunds – even making some customers sign unnecessary gag agreements to prevent negative comments about the product. Introduction: Thermomix fined $4.6 million after reports of […]Read More »
  • 9News: Rate Rise

    9News: Rate Rise

    Peter Overton: This is the first move in some time Ross Greenwood: The first move in some time Peter, and Westpac will not be the first bank and only bank that will raise interest rates. You could tell that today, simply because the share price of all our major banks jumped sharply on this news […]Read More »
  • Is Australia’s economy in good shape?

    Is Australia’s economy in good shape?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Treasurer Scott Morrison about the national accounts and why weaker exports have “taken the shine” off new economic growth figures. Introduction: Is Australia’s economy in good shape? Ross Greenwood:   Let’s start with the national economy. It’s growing. It continues to grow, 2.4%, but this was partly because of a very poor net trade […]Read More »
  • QPS: R U In Control?

    QPS: R U In Control?

    Ross Greenwood: Hi, I’m Ross Greenwood – the business and finance editor of Channel Nine. Now, I’ve got to tell you – every single one of us knows what it feels like to be completely, and utterly stupid. Now – I know what it’s like! You get a phone call, and someone says “Hi, do […]Read More »
  • 9News: Perk Problems

    9News: Perk Problems

    Peter Overton: 200,000 frequent flyer points might be an attractive perk when taking out a home loan but be warned. 9News has figures that show the value of those points is minuscule compared to what you have to fork out in the long run Ross Greenwood: It’s the home loan equivalent of the marshmallow test. […]Read More »
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