What can $120,000 buy you?

Ross Greenwood: $120,000 – cold, hard cash.

We can change your life.

Now, your $120 grand is doing to put a down payment on this – the Lamborghini. But I’ll tell you what, you go very close to buying this – the Aston Martin “Shaken, not stirred”

Have a listen, see how it goes

But if you are going to buy this, you are going to need plenty of fuel

Because the $120,000 will buy you 25 and a half years of fuel – now that is one hell of a free fuel Friday.

Energy bills are on the rise. Well, $120,000 will keep you plugged in for 68 years.

Or, why not escape the cold. With $120,000 you can spend a week in Bali 171 times.

And maybe jet skis are your thing – you can buy 10 of those for the money.

Now, if you’re practical, $120,000 will give you a pretty decent start on a housing deposit. But if you already got a mortgage, it will save you around five years in mortgage repayments. Or if you like, around $570 a month on your repayments.

So, $120,000 – divided by $60 a month – that’s 166 years’ worth of mobile phone plans.

Or it could be 11 and a half years’ worth of grocery shopping.

Wait, we have to pay for these, these days – 800,000 shopping bags.

But, if it were up to me – I would take the Aston.


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