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  • Are the banks ignorant?

    Are the banks ignorant?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Nationals Senator Barry O’Sullivan has slammed the banking industry as “ignorant” to the needs of farmers, saying conditions within loan agreements set up hard-working Australians in the bush for failure. Ross Greenwood:  Great to have your company here on money news right around Australia. As we told you just a little earlier, […]Read More »
  • QPS: R U In Control?

    QPS: R U In Control?

    Ross Greenwood: Hi, I’m Ross Greenwood – the business and finance editor of Channel Nine. Now, I’ve got to tell you – every single one of us knows what it feels like to be completely, and utterly stupid. Now – I know what it’s like! You get a phone call, and someone says “Hi, do […]Read More »
  • Major shakeups for the Online Retailer

    Major shakeups for the Online Retailer

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Charlie Brown about EBay ending its 15 year relationship with payment platform PayPal and what this means for Aussie shoppers Introduction: Major shakeups for the Online Retailer Ross Greenwood: Welcome back to Money News, a big story going on in the United States. It will affect people here in Australia. This is […]Read More »
  • What’s driving up fuel prices?

    What’s driving up fuel prices?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Geoff Trotter, from Fueltrac, about fuel prices and why you’re paying more for petrol at the bowser. Introduction: What is driving up Fuel Prices? Ross Greenwood:  Welcome back to morning news right around Australia. Well, if you are in this evening, Brisbane, you may be seeing petrol prices as you drive home […]Read More »
  • Why is the ACCC cracking down on Google, Facebook?

    Why is the ACCC cracking down on Google, Facebook?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to ACCC Chairman Rod Sims after the ACCC launched an inquiry into how much power tech giants Google and Facebook have in enabling media and news outlets to reach Australians online Interview with: Rod Sims, ACCC, Chairman  Image source: 2GBRead More »