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How long to go from quarter full to fullNoel Whittaker, AuthorSuperannuation
How long or what process do you think will happen Communications Minister Mitch Fifield News
How long it is since his renunciation of British citizenship was confirmedPiers Akerman, Columnist and CommentatorNews
How long is this rebranding exercise been in trainGeoff Heally,  exBHPBusiness
How long I might leave in retirement News
How long have you been at this in a series professional mannerJudah Kelly, winner of the ‘The Voice’ 2017News
How long had you been planning the bank levyScott Morrison, TreasurerHome Loans
How long CEO Ian Narev can hang onto his job Home Loans
How long can we expect these record lows for News
How long can I keep this going Business
How long are these measures going to stay in placeStephen Byron, MD of Canberra Airport News
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