What do or does

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What do or does?

What do you do with your timeDouglas Geekie, Chairman of Probus South PacificAged Care
What does a ban entailJohn Price, Commissioner, ASICBusiness
What does happen to a person with these airbagsJosh Dowling, Motoring Editor of NewsCars
What do you mean? Is it the power stations haven’t been built Mark Collette, Executive of Energy at EnergyAustraliaEnergy
What do the politicians say when you say, “Listen,Den Tucker, Managing Director of DM Plastics and SteelEnergy
What do I say to Terrance in this situationPaul Geason, Managing Director, Momentum EnergyEnergy
What does the data tell usDavid Coleman, Chair of the House Standing Committee on EconomicsHome Loans
What does seem to be anti-social behaviour inside of bank Home Loans
What does it say that line in the sand that they have drawn Scott Morrison, TreasurerHome Loans
What does it say about us Home Loans
What does alter is your right for New Zealanders are living AustraliaJohn Key, Former New Zealand Prime MinisterHome Loans
What do you think the chancesAlan Oster, Chief Economist NABHome Loans
What do you find in the top threeDr Nicola Powell, Domain GroupHome Loans
What do you do? Cut back the health care servicesCraig Drummond, Chief Executive of Medibank PrivateInsurance
What does this mean for the retail industry News
What does this mean for domain nameJosh Rowe, former Non-Ececutive Director for auDANews
What does this do to property prices News
What does the community do about such attacksTroy Grant, NSW Police MinisterNews
What does that mean for the parliamentSenator Cory Bernardi, Leader of the Australian  ConservativesNews
What does it mean for us News
What do you think the qualities are News
What do you think is the reactionAndrew Hirst, LPOGroup Vice-Chair News
What do you think about thatPhil White, Senior Constable, Victorian PoliceNews
What do you say to those people Peter Harris, Chairman, Productivity CommissionNews
What do you reckon they might cost Michael Andrew, Chairman Board of TaxationNews
What do you make of the rating between the private sector and the publicPaul Dales, Chief Australian and New Zealand economist for Capital EconomicsNews
What do you do? You can’t go backwards Rory Medcalf, National Security CollegeNews
What do you do now? Go to the Maldives Malcolm Jeffs, Retiring Senior Sergeant NSWNews
What do you do if they cut the water offPiers Akerman, Columnist and CommentatorNews
What do you do afterwardsStevan Premutico, founder and chief executive of DimmiNews
What do they say? “Happy wife, happy life”. That’sRebecca Cassells, Curtin UniversityNews
What do they do?
This is a fundamental problem
John Barilaro, Deputy Premier of New South WalesNews
What do they doAndy Penn, CEO TelstraNews
What do families do News
What do you think the cause is for thatEmily Dabs, Moody’s Analytics
What do you reckon the catalyst has beenRobert Muller, Managing Director, BIS Oxford EconomicsProperty
What does that app doIan Chappell and Nick FordhamSport
What do you think, would Kerry Packer had a crack at this Ian Chappell, Former Cricketer  Sport
What do you need out of rugbyAndrew Forrest, Non-Executive Chairman, FortescueSport
What do I do?” I can’t go around the cornerJames Nicholls, Mossgreen Auctions and Peter BriggsSport
What do you do if you’ve got companiesKristy Hatcher, Litigator, Owen Hodge LawyersSuperannuation
What do I need to doPaul Schroder, Australian SuperSuperannuation
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