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Listing of What Is?

What is the choice out thereTull Roseby, Daily CareAged Care
What is Probus?Douglas Geekie, Chairman of Probus South PacificAged Care
What is the level of confidence of the consumer like?


Gerry Harvey, Executive Chairman Harvey NormanBusiness
What is it that you believe you can bring to that businessSanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman GFG AllianceBusiness
What is the future for TopshopEli Greenbatt, Senior Business Reporter, The AustralianBusiness
What is a very successful business Simon Kelly, CEO, Ardent LeisureBusiness
What is the state?Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer, Wilson Asset ManagementBusiness
What is important right now is that there is due processAli Naroozi, Inspector-General of TaxBusiness
What is alleged to be one of the largest frauds ever Leanne Close, Australian Federal PoliceBusiness
What issue does that bankruptcy haveJosh Dowling, Motoring Editor of NewsCars
What is it about utes in Australia?Josh Dowling, Motoring Editor of NewsCars
What is possible and indeed, the fact that science allows usGraham Wickham, President Ford AustraliaCars
What is it? Is it the outlook statement?Paul O’Malley, CEO BlueScope SteelEnergy
What is expected to happen to the population of AustraliaMike Kane, CEO, BoralEnergy
What is an essential need in living a dignified lifeJack de Groot, St. Vincent de Paul Energy
What is being promoted by legislation by the government and by the EPAIan Malouf,CEO of Dial a DumpEnergy
What is the next thing that needs to happen?
John Daley, CEO of the Grattan InstituteHome Loans
What is pushing it higher, specifically right now, do you think?
Robert Rennie, Chief Currency Strategist, WestpacHome Loans
What is now Aussie Home Loans.John Symond, Executive Chairman and Founder of Aussie Home LoansHome Loans
What is a pretty miserable recordAnna Bligh, CEO Australian Bankers AssociationHome Loans
What is a very large stock of external debtCraig Michaels, Standard & PoorsHome Loans
What is the problem with declining real wages in AustraliaPaul Dales, Chief Australian and New Zealand economist for Capital EconomicsHome Loans
What is happening is that from 1 July onwardsLouis Christopher, SQM ResearchHome Loans
What is driving the deterioration is housing pricesHelena Chang, Vice President, Moody’s Investors ServicesHome Loans
What is thrown in it in the future?


Scott Morrison, TreasurerHome Loans
What is happening in other countriesCraig Drummond, Chief Executive of Medibank PrivateInsurance
What is it that this could have occurred?


Nigel Phair, Centre for Internet Safety, Canberra University.Insurance
What is a terrible tragedy?


Gary Weiss and Brad Richmond, new Ardent leisure board membersNews
What is it? Presumably, it might be also what’s going on in the United StatesRichard Grace, Chief Currency Strategist, CBANews
What is the volatility when it comes to the Chinese governmentDig Howitt,  CEO Cochlear.News
What is effectively a technicality for Barnaby Joyce Bob Katter, Independent Senator  News
What is the return on the shareholder’s capital?


Mike Hirst, CEO Bendigo and Adelaide Bank  News
What is influencing your thinking right now?


Rod Sims, Chairman, ACCCNews
What is known as the skills board Scott Morrison, TreasurerNews
What is I think one of the most important surveysProfessor Roger Wilkins, Author, Melbourne InstituteNews
What is a megajoule per hour, for goodness sakes? Rod Sims, ACCC Chairman News
What is the fundamental problem in developing one of this quantum computersProfessor David Riley, University of SydneyNews
What is it about knowing you’re ItalianMalcolm Farr,  National Political Editor, News LimitedNews
What is happening right now?


Steve Baxter, Founder, River City LabsNews
What is ultimately the decision of the federal courtAndrew Burrell, WA Chief Reporter for The Australian News
What is the real neutral interest rate in Australia News
What is it about the culture you believeJohn Key, Former New Zealand Prime MinisterNews
What is it that’s going on in our SenateMalcolm Farr,  National Political Editor, News LimitedNews
What is going to happen News
What is the best interest rate News
What is likely to occur in that space.Professor Deutsch, Senior Tax Council,  Tax InstituteNews
What is now modern AustraDave McCready, CEO, Australian British Chamber of CommerceNews
What is an international threatColonel Richard Kemp, Former Chairman of COBRANews
What ISOL has spoken about and talked about for a long timeNick O’Brien,Charles Sturt UniversityNews
What is going down in Canberra tonightHugh Marks, CEO Nine EntertainmentNews
What is your reaction to it?


Andrew Robinson, Lawyer to Paul HoganNews
What is being called a serial fraudster Kate McClymont, Investigative journalist, Sydney Morning HeraldNews
What is undoubtedly going to occur Scott Morrison, TreasurerNews
What is inevitably going to happen is these young adults News
What is it most people sayRebecca Cassells, Curtin UniversityNews
What is the recipe to try and get the Australian economy movingPeter Costello, former TreasureNews
What is that, is about having the base customer experience. Shayne Elliot, CEO ANZ BankNews
What is the cause of this and where we go from here News
What is current and what is pastZiva Lavecky, Ziva CorporateNews
What is Retinopathy?Jean Hay, Retiring Mayor of ManlyNews
What is it. What was the tipping point News
What is it that actually keeps the momentum in the economy going?Robert Muller, Managing Director, BIS Oxford EconomicsProperty
What is being done?
What is just as important the fan is looked afterColin Smith, Managing Director, Global Media and Sports Sport
What is the ARU doingAndrew Forrest, Non-Executive Chairman, FortescueSport
What is the mood of the players like right now?Peter Lalor, Senior sports write, The AustralianSport
What is keeping people awake at nightKelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial ServicesSuperannuation
What is the advantage of putting that after tax savingsMichael Rice, CEO Rice WarnerSuperannuation
What is to happen to those proceeds in the event of deathKristy Hatcher, Litigator, Owen Hodge LawyersSuperannuation
What is limited is the amount of money that you can have in super Robert Deutsch, Senior Tax Council,  Tax InstituteSuperannuation
What is shows is a sorry tale of Labor’s mismanagement News
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