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What was advertised to consumersSarah Court, Commissioner ACCCBusiness
What was happening. When the FP became aware of the tax officeLeanne Close, Australian Federal PoliceBusiness
What was the basic story about thisEli Greenbatt, Senior Business Reporter, The AustralianBusiness
What was clearly a failed federal schemeJohn Barilaro, Deputy Premier of New South WalesCars
What was said in Parliament today.


Peter King, Chief Financial Officer WestpacHome Loans
What was an acceptable situation last yearCraig Drummond, Chief Executive of Medibank PrivateInsurance
What was accepted last year is not allowed this year News
What was actually taking placeChris Inglis, Former Deputy Director of the National Security AgencyNews
What was clearly identified through the coroner’s recommendationTroy Grant, NSW Police MinisterNews
What was going on, the woman based in HawthornSimon Cohen, Director of Consumer Affairs in VictoriaNews
What was going on. What did you imagine was going to happen Patrick Burke, Founder, Ayres ManagementNews
What was happening is each of the tenderRodney Cavalier, former Minister for Energy and FinanceNews
What was in the settlement deed but I can tell you what wasn t Andrew Robinson, Lawyer to Paul HoganNews
What was it worth? Has he launched any legal action after that?


Chris Jordan, Tax CommissionerNews
What was right. I knew that Dimmi could goStevan Premutico, founder and chief executive of DimmiNews
What was that about?Rebecca Cassells, Curtin UniversityNews
What was that? That was nearly 20 years agoPru Goward, NSW Minister, Family Community Services, Social Housing, Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual AssualtNews
What was that? Was Plutus Payroll acting on and forKen Phillips,  Co-founder and Executive Director, Independent Contractors AustraliaNews
What was the mood like today as this came through?Simon Mawhinney, Managing Director, Allan GrayNews
What was the most important thing you thought came out of this Mark McCrindle, DemographerNews
What was the most interesting of the report was the worst performer News
What was the reaction from Australia Post?


Andrew Hirst, LPOGroup Vice-Chair News
What was the return on the shareholders’ equity in your company’s caseNev Power, CEO Fortescue Metals  News
What was the story?


Phil White, Senior Constable, Victorian PoliceNews
What was the tipping point in the cruising industry in Australia  News
What was worse, was it was lifted. Josh Rowe, former Non-Ececutive Director for auDANews
What was your ideal job going to be when you’re a kid growing up?Ben FeltonNews
What was the impression that you had that they really wanted to get rid of Andrew Forrest, Non-Executive Chairman, FortescueSport
What was your batting average when you finished test cricketIan Chappell and Nick FordhamSport
What was actually expressed in the willKristy Hatcher, Litigator, Owen Hodge LawyersSuperannuation
What was happening in markets. We had Brexit. We had Donald TrumpWarren Chant, Director, Chant WestSuperannuation
What was taking place. Here’s what happened when I had a chat with Ian NarevIan Narev, CEO Commonwealth BankNews
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