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Who hasn’t heard about thatNigel Phair, Centre for Internet Safety, Canberra University.Insurance
Who has to fill in a tax return this year News
Who has to deal with that but also has to navigate the controversial bank Scott Morrison, TreasurerHome Loans
Who has stood down from that positionChris Jordan, Tax CommissionerNews
Who has started work for the first timeKelly O’Dwyer, Minister for Revenue and Financial ServicesSuperannuation
Who has seen their price dropped by almost 24% Andy Penn, CEO TelstraNews
Who has really been, again. another big one from Thorney InvestmentsCraig Coleman, Viburnum Funds ManagementBusiness
Who has questioned some of those forecasts, which comes from treasuryAlan Oster, Chief Economist NABHome Loans
Who has put Liberal donations to Liberal Party from 2013 to 2016 by banksAnna Bligh, CEO Australian Bankers AssociationHome Loans
Who has protected others in those circumstances News
Who has personal debts less than, I think about it’s about $107,000Ian Purchas, Insolvency ExpertNews
Who has now found himself having to stand down from the cabinetMalcolm Farr,  National Political Editor, News LimitedNews
Who has now been summoned to court and is likely to be charged Ali Naroozi, Inspector-General of TaxBusiness
Who has never held elected office, will take at least 61 per cent  News
Who has made a fortune, become Australia’s wealthiest man Tim Gurner, a property developerNews
Who has lead most of the major investigations into potential tax avoidance Andrew Robinson, Lawyer to Paul HoganNews
Who has kept his finger right on the pulse of this is Roger Coleman Roger Coleman, Media and Internet Analysts, CCZ EquitiesNews
Who has just moved on to the board of Ardent LeisureGary Weiss and Brad Richmond, new Ardent leisure board membersNews
Who has just been resigned for another five years News
Who has indicated that South Australia will try to block the bank tax News
Who has his finger on the pulseRoger Coleman, Media and Internet Analysts, CCZ EquitiesNews
Who has helped to build EnergyAustraliaMark Collette, Executive of Energy at EnergyAustraliaEnergy
Who has great experience as being the former Chair of TelstraBrian Johnson, Banking Analyst, CLSAHome Loans
Who has first-hand experience of understanding these types of issuesEd Cowan, Former Australian Opening BatmanSport
Who has drafted the motion that they should be a secession movementMichaelia Cash, Senator and Minister for EmploymentNews
Who has done quite a bit of scuba divingMalcolm Jeffs, Retiring Senior Sergeant NSWNews
Who has done a lot of work about thisDr. Maree Bernoth, Associate Professor of AgedCare, Charles Sturt UniversityAged Care
Who has died, an airman, less than a quarter of his estate to his daughtersKristy Hatcher, Litigator, Owen Hodge LawyersSuperannuation
Who has delivered a few of them himselfJeff Kennett, Former Victorian PremierNews
Who has control of the foreign investment review board Geoff Heally,  exBHPBusiness
Who has certainly had a resurgence in the pollsColonel Richard Kemp, Former Chairman of COBRANews
Who has broken that story, Ben HornBen Horne, sports journalist from The Daily TelegraphSport
Who has been to SydneyJean Hay, Retiring Mayor of ManlyNews
Who has been there for a very long timeGideon Haigh, The AustralianSport
Who has been the one who has guided himRichard Grace, Chief Currency Strategist, CBANews
Who has been the architect of this legislationMitch FiField, Minister for Communications and the ArtsNews
Who has been studying thisProfessor Alan Fels, former Chairman ACCCInsurance
Who has been significant and a voiceSimon Mawhinney, Managing Director, Allan GrayNews
Who has been raising awareness about this for a long timeLindsay David, Founder, LF EconomicsHome Loans
Who has been jailed for two yearsKate McClymont, Investigative journalist, Sydney Morning HeraldNews
Who has been in ill health News
Who has been had done by and doesn’t quite know where to turnNatalie James, Fair Work OmbudsmanBusiness
Who has been consistent through the budget processMathias Cormann, Finance MinisterNews
Who has been charged by the Australian Federal Police News
Who has been calling for things similar to thisKate Carnell, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise OmbudsmanNews
Who has been an ACTU presidentMichaelia Cash, Minister for EmploymentNews
Who has been all over these. I described to Eddy Meyer Leanne Close, Australian Federal PoliceBusiness
Who has also been instrumental in our economic debatePeter Costello, former TreasureNews
Who has a vested interest in all of this is Anton TagliaferroAnton Tagliaferro, Investment Director and Founder of Investors MutualNews
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