Same-Sex Marriage now legal

Federal Liberal Member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson, reacts to the news that federal parliament has passed the same-sex marriage bill

Introduction: Same sex marriage now legal

Ross Greenwood: Let’s go to one of the campaigners, who has been instrumental in trying to get this Bills through the Parliament and of course, the plebiscite, where politicians ultimately had to trust the judgment of Australia’s people. Let’s go to the Member for Goldstein in Victoria, Tim Wilson. The Liberal is with me now. Many thanks for your time, Tim.

Interview with: Tim Wilson, Liberal Member, Member for Goldstein

Tim Wilson: Thanks Ross. It’s a historic day and a great day for this nation.

Ross Greenwood: Your proposal to your partner three days ago on the House of Parliament has now been legitimized. But it will still take a month, I understand, before same-sex marriages will be actually legally allowed to go through. Can you explain why that is to people?

Tim Wilson:  Because it still has to go through a process of royal assent, which means the Governor-General has to sign it off, put his moniker on it. Then there are some other components to the legislation which have to come into force. The main decision has been made, nothing can stop it now. There are some people who have got to get on with planning their wedding.

Ross Greenwood: That’s true, which is a magnificent thing for those people. Just another aspect of this Tim, is clearly the Parliament was listening to the Australian people in this case. The plebiscite worked. The same-sex marriage survey worked in regards to getting politicians on all sides a clear direction as to what the community was thinking. Do you believe that that might, perhaps, be something of a benchmark for future policies for future legislation in Australia?

Tim Wilson:  I hope not. I hope that Parliament will exercise its responsibilities under the Constitution. That’s certainly what I will be advocating for. The beauty of having the vote, as much as it wasn’t my first preference, is that every Australian owns this outcome. Every single one. Whether they voted yes, whether they voted no, they were participants and the Parliament reflected and respected that. Huge congratulations needs to go to Prime Minister for achieving that for this country and being able to deliver the outcome. This would only have happened under a Liberal-National government.

Ross Greenwood: Why do you say it would have only happened under a Liberal-National government?

Tim Wilson:  Because in the end, we know Labor had six years to deal with it and didn’t. There are a number of times it was voted down and you needed Liberals to lead this charge to bring the country together. That’s in social reform, we always deliver on those outcomes. That’s why I’m so proud of the outcome today. I’m proud of the government, the Prime Minister, the country.

Ross Greenwood: Tim, I will let you go. I know it’s going to be very busy for you tonight and certainly, outside Parliament House, there has been significant signs of celebration and jubilation as a result of this Bill passing our Parliament. Tim Wilson, Member for Goldstein, Liberal Member there. Tim, I appreciate your time and congratulations.

Tim Wilson:  Thanks Ross. Thank you.



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