9News: RBA leaves Interest Rates on Hold

Breaking news today – The Reserve Bank of Australia leaves Interest Rates on hold at 1.5%

Ross Greenwood: Interest rates on hold – unchanged – 1.5 percent.

And I suspected, Peter that might be the way it’s going to be for maybe the next 12 months.

Because the US is going to raise interest rates, but here in Australia our economy is going pretty well at the moment.

But it’s not going so poorly that we need to cut interest rates.

It’s not going so well we need to raise interest rates.

But money markets are now starting to indicate that the next move in interest rates, when it comes, which could be in the middle of next year – so more than 18 months away – that, that, next move would be up and not down which is where the bedding in the money markets and with economists has been so far.

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