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  • Are we headed for a Royal Commission into Banks?

    Are we headed for a Royal Commission into Banks?

    Senator John ‘Wacka’ Williams talks about whether there needs to be a royal commission into the banking industry following APRA’s announcement they’ll be investigating the Commonwealth Bank Introduction – Are we headed for a Royal Commission into Banks? Ross Greenwood: I indicated to you earlier my belief is that the ongoing calls for a royal […]Read More »
  • Will we see a home loan war?

    Will we see a home loan war?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Andrew Willink, from Ratecity.com.au, about a home loan war taking place, and how people in the right position can take advantage of it. Introduction: Home Loan war has started Ross Greenwood:  Great to have your company here on Money News right across Australia. I can tell you something that I always knew was […]Read More »
  • Why is inflation remaining weak?

    Why is inflation remaining weak?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Bill Evans, Chief Economist at Westpac, about the weaker than expected inflation numbers despite higher increases in energy prices that offset by a 10% fall in  vegetables Introduction: Inflation remains weak. Ross Greenwood:  Let’s now go to those inflation numbers out today as I said, that were up annually by 1.8% which […]Read More »
  • Do the employment numbers point to an improving economy?

    Do the employment numbers point to an improving economy?

    Nomura Australia economist and rate strategist, Andrew Ticehurst, talks about the unemployment numbers and whether it’s a sign that the Australian economy is improving Introduction- Employment numbers Ross Greenwood: Let’s start with our un employment numbers in Australia. The un-employment rate remains steady at 5.6%. The interesting thing about this is the back-to-back job gains […]Read More »
  • Why is the Australia dollar rallying?

    Why is the Australia dollar rallying?

    Robert Rennie, the Head of Market Strategy at Westpac, talks about the rally in the Australian dollar, and what it means for interest rates Introduction: Why is the Australian dollar rallying? Ross Greenwood: Let’s now go to the Australian dollar which has gone through 78 US cents over the weekend and has sustained that level […]Read More »

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