Top 10 Fixed Rate Home Loans for 1 year Dec 2017

Best performing 1 year fixed rate home loans for the month of December 2017

Greater Bank moves to the top of the table this month with the lowest 1 year fixed rate home loan for December 2017. Greater Bank indicates an upfront fee of $180.

Top 10 Fixed Rate Home Loans for 1 year Dec 2017

Ranked Company Name Advertised Rate Estimated Upfront Fee
1 Greater Bank 3.49% $180
2 Suncorp 3.69% $0
3 U Bank 3.69% $395
4 RACQ 3.72% $0
5 Gateway 3.73% $0
6 Newcastle Permanent 3.74% $595
7 PN Bank 3.79% $395
8 MOVE 3.79% $450
9 NBCU 3.79% $600
9 Community First 3.79% $600
Source: RateCity & Compiled MoneyAction as at Dec 5 2017

Current Rates for 1 Year Fixed

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