Top 10 Mortgages

Each month we sift through home loan information from the various comparison websites – Canstar, Finder, Mozo and RateCity and aggregate a list of the most competitive mortgage products based on Interest Rates and Fees and establish top 10 home loans tables.

The following table is just a snapshot of the lowest home loan rate products currently available in the marketplace. You can link to each of the monthly tables and it also expands to a full list of the top 10 mortgages by product category with their interest rates and fees.


Best for September 2017

Residential Home LoansAdvertised Rate
Variable RateReduce Home Loan3.44%
1 Year Fixed RateMyCreditUnion3.39%
2 Year Fixed RateNewcastle Permanent3.64%
3 Year Fixed RateNewcastle Permanent3.69%
5 Year Fixed RateGreater3.99%
Investment Property Loans
Variable RateHomestar,Reduce Home Loan3.74%
1 Year Fixed RateMAC3.89%
2 Year Fixed RateBOQ3.85%
3 Year Fixed RateSelect Emcompass,Newcastle Permanent, BOQ , Community First3.99%
5 Year Fixed RateU Bank4.39%

Rates as at 5th September 2017

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You can also listen to Ross Greenwood ‘s interviews with industry experts. Most interviews are transcribed and you can search for some of the Who, What, Why and How questions. A recent summary of Home Loan related questions like:

How do you improve affordability

How much those households are actually spending

How to do it by 2020

How to get budgets back into balance

How to react to the levy

What can they actually afford

What happens in the Australian housing market

What happens is if you suddenly find yourself with a massive mortgage

What happens is they start to raise rates

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What is driving the deterioration is housing prices

What is the problem with declining real wages in Australia

Who cannot afford it.
So let s call the prospective first home buyer mark

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