9News: Amazon is coming to Australia – retailers beware!

Amazon is coming to Australia – retailers beware!

Ross Greenwood: Amazon is one of the ten biggest retailers in the world.

But for its rivals, and now Australian retailers, the big danger is it’s the fastest-growing major retailer on the planet.

Michael Bate: This is a game-changer for the Australian retail market, an absolute game changer.

Ross: Today, Amazon finally announced it will bring its online marketplace to Australia.

For the thousands of small businesses that use the platform, the wealth and potential to disrupt big players is immense.

Daniel Calo:  The logistics that Amazon have in place is absolutely phenomenal.

The Australian small business communities will have access to that, which means they can easily expand locally and internationally.

Ross: Neil Waterhouse wrote the book on how to build a million-dollar eBay business from home.

But he also knows Amazon.

He’s been using its American site for 10 years.

Neil Waterhouse: And if you pick some more to store, but you know you can also be selling on your website, you can be something on Ebay, you can sell on comparison shopping engines, and Amazon’s was giving another marketplace.

Ross: Amazon marketplace is just to start.

12 months after it was rolled out in Spain came Amazon Fresh, and  Amazon Pantry to throw out a major challenge to our supermarkets.

Australian online sales are now around $11 billion and growing fast but Citigroup says amazon alone could reach $4 billion worth of sales – that’s 14% of all online sales within just five years.

The first thing Amazon must do is find warehouse space, and here there’s a local connection – Aussie warehouse developer Goodman  is Amazon’s biggest  landlord worldwide.

It recently built giant warehouses in East Germany and California, and 9news understands Goodman’s set to build Amazon’s first where else at Eastern Creek, Western Sydney – with other states to follow.

It’s said to be the biggest warehouse ever built in Australia

Ross Greenwood; Nine News

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