9News: Crown Resort employees jailed

Ross Greenwood: Nineteen Crown Casino employees were not only arrested, but also incarcerated from October last year, when Chinese authorities staged raids on Crown’s offices around China but particularly cantering on Shanghai.

The accusations were that the Crown Casino employees there had been offering services to Chinese gamblers, which is strictly illegal there.

They were offering incentives – including junkets, to come to Australia in private jets, and also luxury apartments here.

Plus big incentives in the terms of cash credits to come and gamble at the Australian casinos.

For the past eight months, those employees have remained in jail awaiting these charges.

They’ve pleaded guilty, and as a result, the sentences handed down will range between nine and ten months – which means some of the employees, will be free within four weeks or so.

Among them, Jason O’Connor, the head of crowns VIP operations – it was his job to get those high rollers from China into Australia.

Now, the nightmare is coming to an end.

China reports growth of 6.9% in the first quarter


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