9News: Decathlon arrives in Australia

Georgie Gardner: Australians are known for being sports-mad, and tapping into that madness for the first time is the world’s largest sporting goods retailer. French based Decathlon will open Tomorrow in Tempe, promising more sport at cheaper prices – just in time for Christmas.

Ross Greenwood: Decathlon – for most Aussies – is an Olympic sporting contest of 10 different events…until now.

This Decathlon will offer 70 different sports under the one roof

What’s your sport?

Worker: Fitness.

Ross: French Based Decathlon has more than 1000 stores based around the world – China, Russia and India – and from tomorrow, Australia.

Olivier Robinet: We try to create our own products to use all over the world, and we design them.

Ross: Each year Australians spend just over $4 billion on sporting goods, but Decathlon world-wide sales are almost four times that – around $15 billion.

Bao Vuong: Its going to put pressure on the major players, such as Raise Outdoors, BCF, Rebel.

Ross: $250 cross-trainers or $9 pair of training shorts. Decathlon can do this cause it buys from the global supply chain. In other words, its making these goods themselves – there is no middle-man. And this is the reason why so many retailers are struggling to keep up with new competitors.

That’s why the local rebel sports merged with the Amart sports group, it has some serious competition.

Boa: By offering niche, private label goods that are comparably sell at 50 – 60 per cent cheaper than the branded goods.

Ross: Decathlon enters Australia at the same time as Amazon, which could disrupt the whole market. To counter-act that, Decathlon boss wants you to try the goods.

Oliveier: We want consumers to touch, to feel, our product.

Ross: And as it rolls out it stores, it doesn’t dismiss suggestions for more of them. Its giving Aussies with a passion for sports a chance to have a go.

Worker: Before this I worked for QANTAS…yeah it’s a bit of a change, I’ve wanted to get into sport industry for a while now.

Ross: Ross Greenwood, Nine News.



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9News: Decathlon arrives in Australia .

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