9News: End of the Road

For decades, Auto Alley has been the go to strip to find the best deal on a car…not for much longer.

Peter Overton: For decades Auto Alley le has been the go-to strip to find the best deal on a car in Sydney.

But the iconic row of dealerships in Parramatta will make way for upward growth and 9News has an exclusive look at how it’s being transformed into more than 700 new apartments.

Ross Greenwood: Come on down too Parramatta, but in future you might leave your car at home.

Greg Dyer: I would argue that the highest and best use is not a car yard along Auto Alley any longer

Stephen Cox: When we’re so close to the station, we’re so close to all the things that motor has to offer it makes sense to put people there, rather than just park cars

Ross: Parramatta’s famous strip of cars – all those deals, all those motors – is seeing the beginning of a transformation.

Right on the site of one of the most famous car yards, Heartland Holden.

Ramon Fayad: A lot of people that worked on this development through the planning and actually did buy their first car here.

Ross: This is a massive redevelopment for a key part of Parramatta, so close to the station,

So we’re talking $870 million …770 new apartments.

And it starts right here, right now – this is going to come down…lets go Ramon…

Ramon: It’s all about  transport…that’s the main priority, being so close to the public hub, being so close to the CBD.

Ross: Expressions of interest for the apartments have started… 60 percent has come from first-time buyers

Ramon: They’re starting from just under $500,000 and then up to $800,000 for a two bedroom

Ross: But it’s only the beginning…

In time, other parts of Auto Alley will also change, like all of Parramatta.

Greg: It’s somewhere in the order of ten to fifteen billion dollars worth of development which is in the pipeline

Ross: Ross Greenwood; Nine News

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