9News: Goodwill Payments

Peter Overton, Nine News Sydney: it would rank as the ultimate commuter frustration – missing a flight when its clearly not your fault!

But 9News has discovered that Sydney Trains has started paying out to some of those most affected.

Ross Greenwood: So far its only a trickle, but a window to payments has opened.

Howard Collins, Sydney Trains: When you have these tragic stories of people who have lost a lot of money, we have offered them some in return.  

Greenwood: But the Sydney Trains boss is adamant these payments are goodwill and nothing more

Collins: There is no compensation policy

Greenwood: Curiously it was the Transport Minister who tipped off 9News about the payments in a recent interview.

Andrew Constance, Transport Minister: When there are odd occasions when people are incredibly disrupted on the train network, Howard Collins steps in.

He might assist if someone’s flight a flight

Greenwood: That prompted us to lodge a Freedom of Information Request – documents show Sydney Trains paid out $4,421 in the past financial year to 12 customers whose flights were disrupted.

But in the three months to October this year, another 12 were paid $3,812.

One outage that triggered payments was on August 23. A train breakdown caused peak-hour chaos.

Another was New Years Eve when travellers were stranded.

The Premier then said no to compensation…

Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier: No, that’s currently not in our plans

Greenwood: Sydney Trains has not promoted this compensation scheme but overseas there are similar arrangements. In London, for example, there is a rail ombudsman – they can pay out a maximum of $5000.

Howard Collins, the ex-London underground boss, knows the UK system. Some companies there will pay if youir train is more than 15 minutes late.

Collins: I think they’ve almost been forced too because of the poor performance of some of these organisations.

Greenwood: Here commuters have different feelings about whether compensation should be paid.

Vox: I think compensation becomes an open-ended problem

Vox: I’m a teacher and I always teach my kids to plan ahead so really you should be catching trains well in advance.

Vox: People can’t afford to pay for airfares and not use the plane they are on and then pay again, that’s not right

Greenwood: Ross Greenwood, Nine News

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