9News: Kickback Scheme

Deborah Knight, Nine News Sydney: The National Australia Bank has been caught-up in a fresh scandal, but this time, police say, it’s the victim.

The allegations which centre on kickbacks for corporate travel go to the very top of the bank.

Ross Greenwood: it was the highest of lives- champagne, the Melbourne Cup, Limousines, private jets.

But today – Helen Rosamond, boss of luxury travel business, The Human group, was arrested and charged with 58 counts of fraud and deception against the national Australia Bank.

Stuart Smith, Acting Assistant Commissioner: The totalled amount relating to this particular fraud is $40 million.

Greenwood: The alleged fraud went to the top of the NAB.

The allegations center on Rosamond’s relationship with Rosemary Roger’s, chief of staff to the recently departed NAB bank boss Andrew Thorburn.

Police have already frozen around $8 million of Rosemary Roger’s assets – including 4 properties, acquired since 2013.

Rosamond, whose business operated out of this North Sydney building, is said to have done $118 million worth of business over 12 years.

The allegations centre on unauthorised payments and inflated invoices.

Smith: There’s been a lot of personal expenses and outcomes paid of these corrupt commissions, or these alleged corrupt commissions.

Greenwood: But it’s the senior level inside the bank that shocked police.

Smith: The involvement of CEO’s and Senior Executives is something that we haven’t seen before.

Greenwood: The Bank said today “Police have confirmed that no one at NAB is under investigation, including former CEO Andrew Thorburn”.

Late today Helen Rosamond was granted bail on the condition that she surrender her two passports.

Evan James, Helen Rosamond’s barrister: She intends to defend the charges at this stage and is looking forward to a quite weekend.

Greenwood: In the meantime, police continue their investigation.

Smith: We won’t rule out further charges or further arrests.

Greenwood: Ross Greenwood, Nine News

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