9News: NAB Fallout

Deborah Knight, Nine News Sydney: Premier. Future CEO.

Mike Baird is in the frame tonight to be the new boss of the National Australia Bank, after the current Chairman and CEO fell on their swords.

The two leaders were singled out by the Commissioner on Monday, named and shamed for their unwillingness to accept criticism.

Ross Greenwood: Former Premier Mike Baird strode into the National Australia Banks Melbourne HQ today – potentially its new boss.

As the bank tries to heal itself after the most sever corporate blood-letting in years.

Mike Baird, Chief Customer Office, NAB: At the moment we’re farewelling a great leader and from here we need to get back to work.

Greenwood: The former Premier left Government to spend time with his family – his parents and sister were ill. His children young.

Baird: The times I’ve been in pain, not able to spend the time that I should

Greenwood: Those reasons may again influence his decision.

If he wants the job, he will get a glowing reference from the person who replaced him

Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier: He is an outstanding enormous ability and I wish him well in whatever he wishes to peruse.

Greenwood: But as outgoing chairman Ken Henry leads a global search, its Chief Customer Officer was not speculating.

Baird: Look, I’m not going to talk about that. This is about keeping the business going.

Greenwood: keeping business going in one reason Ken henry and Andrew Thorburn quit, just days after damning personal criticism from the Banking Royal Commission.

Kenneth Hayne said “I’m not as confident as I wish to be that the lessons of the past have be learned”.

Ken Henry, Outgoing NAB Chairman: The events of today are a way of NAB saying to the Australian community we are very sorry we have not been able to meet community expectations.

Andrew Thorburn, Outgoing NAB CEO: I can see everyday we are not living up the standard that we want. I think we’re getting better. We’re closing that gap.

Greenwood: But Thorburn’s potential replacement, full of praise, gave a realistic appraisal.

Baird: Clearly there are things that have not gone as he would have liked

Greenwood: but if Labor gets into power, more bankers should be worried.

Bill Shorten, Labor Leader: If no one out of the banks goes to jail, if no one gets prosecute and charged, I think Australians will say there has been a cover up.

Greenwood: Ross Greenwood, Nine News

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