9News: Paul Hogan and ATO stand off

9News: Paul Hogan and ATO stand off

Ross Greenwood: For six years the tax settlement agreement between Paul Hogan and the tax office lay silent – the subject of a strict confidentiality agreement – until this…

Senator John Williams:  And the settlement, did Hogan make payments the ATO? Yes or no.

Chris Jordan: Look I mean…

John:  I think it’s in the public interest, being the tax collector you are…

Chris: I don’t want, I don’t want, look, you know, go …because all of say is, is, in the general comment…

If people aren’t taken to court and charged, doesn’t mean substantial amounts of money weren’t paid to settle issues…

Ross:  In Chris Jordan’s evidence, he mentioned tens of millions of dollars paid, is hotly disputed by Paul Hogan and his lawyer, Andrew Robinson.

Paul Hogan: So I didn’t pay them off, and I certainly didn’t pay them tens of millions, so that they would just like let me go without sending me to jail.

I’d have been quite happy to go to court.

Ross: The differing stories cause the Senate economic committee to consider having Hogan’s confidential agreement tabled under parliamentary privilege to settle the matter

John: We can actually get the truth out of what’s going on and then this should be laid to rest, I’d imagine.

Ross: It goes further; Nine News can reveal Hogan and his lawyer contacted the tax office seeking of full release from their confidentiality agreement so they could reveal the settlement.

John: We’ll see what the actual situation – is who paid what.

Ross: Nine News spoke personally with Paul Hogan today, and it’s fair to say that he’s bemused but also angry about why his tax case is resurfaced after so many years.

He’s expecting an apology from the tax commissioner, but he’s realistic in saying he doesn’t think that will be forthcoming.

Ross Greenwood; Nine News.


Ross Greenwood: Reputations and jobs on the line as tax commissioner trades blows with Paul Hogan


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