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Ross Greenwood: Breath-taking reflections…iconic views…grand spiral staircases…infinity pools with a vista…this is your first look inside the $2.2 billion Crown Sydney.

So this is the business end of Crown Sydney – this is one of its two gaming floors, there is an identical space just on the floor above me. Beyond that, there is 27 floors of hotel.

Then on top of that, another 45 floors of private apartments.

When completed – this building will be the tallest in Sydney.

And its scale can be seen from the top floor of what will become the hotel.

Greg Munday, Crown Head of Design and Construction: We’re only probably a third of the way up, of the 72 floors.

Greenwood: A third of the way up?! So 72 floors?!

From here, the spectacular twisting design of the building, thje highly technical engineering project can be seen with support columns at radical angles.

Munday: Its almost like a tulip. Not only is it a tulip in terms of shape, its also a tulip in terms of twist as well.

Greenwood: And that flower, sitting alongside one of the world’s great harbours, will offer some unique experiences.

Does it amaze you that in 18 months time people will be swimming in here?

Peter Crinis, Crown Sydney chief Operating Officer: Yeah, it does. I mean we’re in the middle of a half-built pool. There will be people swimming up the infinity edge, and enjoying a drink

Greenwood: But its important to remember that Crown is a business – it will make money from its premium gambling rooms, the sale of apartments and the city’s first six-star hotel.

Crinis: I know this will be a world class hotel with unique views, great facilities and we have nine restaurants!

Greenwood: This vision of Sydney largely comes from James Packer, who recently reduced his stake in Crown to 20 percent.

As he told 9News at the start of the project…

James Packer, Crown Resorts: There is very few things in life worth more to me than Crown Sydney

Greenwood: And this vision is due to open in February 2021.

It will be grand, possibly imposing to some. But Crown bosses assure us that the public will be welcome.

Crinis: You can come and visit, go to the observation deck – its very, very approachable to all people

Munday: This is for everyone, this is for everyone in Sydney, Australia, its also for our off-shore guests

Greenwood: Ross Greenwood, Nine News

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