9News: Trump and his mafia connection

Trump’s Connections

Thirty years ago, Donald Trump, President of the United States wanted to build Sydney’s first casino but was knocked back by the NSW Labor government due to his ‘mafia connections

Peter Overton: Thirty years ago Donald Trump, President of the United States, wanted to build Sydney’s first casino.

But now new documents reveal he was rejected by the then state government because of presumed ties to the Mafia.

Ross Greenwood: In 1987, Donald Trump – then aged 41 – was already a billionaire.

Politics did not appear to be on his agenda.

Donald Trump: They have no intention of running for president, but I’d like a point to get across.

So if we have a great country, but it’s not going to be great for  much longer if we’re going to continue to lose 200 billion dollars a year.

Ross: It was the same year he wrote his best-selling book,  ‘The Out of the Deal’.

He also tried to win the right to build Sydney’s very first casino.

Rod Cavalier: We knock out two of the tenders. HKMS, a Hong Kong outfit and Trump for mafia connections.

Ross: But when the cabinet, headed by Premier Barry Unsworth, considered the bids – Trump’s joint venture with Queensland’s Kern group was rejected.

A police board recommendation read:

“In our judgment the Trump-mafia connections should exclude the Kern/Trump consortium.”

In the cabinet that knocked back Donald Trump, the future premier Bob Carr.

Bob Carr: The slightest hint that any proponent would have had a link with the Mafia would have stopped us dead in our tracks.

Ross: In the United States, a federal investigation concluded the Trump Plaza apartment building was constructed through connections to racketeering.

Trump was never indicted over those allegations but the mere hint was enough for the New South Wales police and government to reject his proposal.

In turn, Labor lost power and a new plan was created at Darling Harbor – The Star.

Donald Trump claimed he lost interest in the Sydney casino, worried about the long flight times.

Rod: An honourable group of men and women made a decision that Donald Trump was not a fit and proper person to own a casino in New South Wales… and now he’s today’s the present United States…frightening world.

Bob:  I’m proud to have been associated with it although the memory of it has been obliterated


Ross: Ross Greenwood; Nine News

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