Banking royal commission set for first intake of evidence

Ross Greenwood speaks to Senator John ‘Wacka’ Williams ahead of the Banking Royal Commission which begins this week.

Interview with: John Williams, Senator


Interviewed  Karen Cox, Coordinator, The Financial Rights Legal Center titled ” Banking Royal Commission: NAB admits to fraudulent activity .”

Banking probe is the royal commission no one wanted, but had to have .

Newsletter – February 23 2018 .

Interviewed  Shayne Elliot, ANZ, CEO titled ” ANZ CEO admits banks have lost community trust .”

Interviewed  Ian Narev, CEO, Commonwealth Bank titled ” Commonwealth Bank Shareholders hit hard .”

9News: Payback Time .

Interviewed  Peter Harris, Chairman, Productivity Commission titled ” Should banking competition be suppressed in the name of safety? .”

9News: CBA announces New Boss .

Interviewed  Francis Sullivan, CEO, Truth Justice and Healing Council titled ” Royal Commission final report: ‘Australia has a huge debt to pay’ .”

Newsletter – December 1 2017 .

Interviewed  Barry O’Sullivan, Senator, Nationals titled ” Is this man responsible for the Royal Commission? .”

Interviewed  Kelly O’Dwyer, Minister, Revenue and Financial Services titled ” Why has the PM back-flipped on a Royal Commission into the banks? .”

9News: Bank customers may not see their money while Turnbull is prime minister .

Interviewed  Peter Whish-Walsh, Senator, Greens titled ” Has the banking inquiry got the green light? .”

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