Be careful of a dust storm heading to Sydney

Ross Greenwood speaks to Bear from Broken Hill as a dust storm rolls through NSW. The owner of a car dealership, he says his team were nearly in tears because they’ve now got 86 new cars to wash.

Introduction: Be careful of a dust storm heading to Sydney

Ross Greenwood:  Let’s go to Bear who’s in Broken Hill. He’s right there in the middle of it from what I can hear. Bear, just explain what you’re seeing.

Bear: Mate, I couldn’t believe the amount of dust that blew up this afternoon. I’ve seen some good dust storms, but today was spectacular. I’m general manager of the Holden Dealership out here and I’ve poor boys. There were nearly tears in their eyes because they’ve now got 86 new cars to go and wash.

Ross Greenwood:  Lordy, maybe I don’t mean the state of those cars after that dust storm had gone through. I mean was it a case where you had to put your lights on as you’re driving? What was it like out there?

Bear: Mate, it wasn’t quite put your lights on as you’re driving, visibility was down to about two O’clocks. We’ve had a couple of power lines come down, but everything looks like it’s got the best part of about– There are two or three millimeters of topsoil all over it. Doesn’t matter where it is, I hope that everyone’s had their house locked up because if you’ve got a window open, it’s about to be a long and painful job to get all the dust out of the property.

Ross Greenwood:  Of course, that is moving its way from Broken Hill across New South Wales. Bear, there right on the spot, in the middle of the dust storm and you can imagine having to clean all of those cars. That’s going to be a job for the boys and the dust not only would have caused that tear in their eye.


Image source: 2GB

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