Can Company Tax Cuts pass now?

Ross Greenwood speaks to Finance Minister, Mathias Cormann, after Senator Brian Burston formally quit One Nation today, after a public falling-out with the party’s leader over corporate tax cuts, giving a little hope to the Coalitions company tax cuts despite still needing four votes to pass.

Interview with: Mathias Cormann, Senator, Finance Minister


The man who is key to company tax cuts

Interviewed  Pauline Hanson, Leader,One Nation Party titled ” One Nation to support Company Tax Cuts .”

Interviewed  Scott Morrison, Treasurer, Federal Government titled ” Are company tax cuts dead in the water? .”

Energy Prices or Company Tax Cuts?

Interviewed  Scott Morrison, Treasurer, Federal Government titled ” Should we have Company tax cuts? .”

Why won’t One Nation back Company Tax Cuts?

Interviewed  Tim Reed, CEO, MYOB titled ” Will the company tax cuts pass now? .”

Interviewed  Scott Morrison, Treasurer, Federal Government titled ” Does Australia still have a AAA credit rating? .”

Interviewed  Chris Richardson, Chief Economist, Deloitte Access Economics titled ” Who pays for the tax cuts? .”

Newsletter – May 11 2018 .

Interviewed  David Rumbens, Senior Economist and Partner, Deloitte Access Economics titled ” Australia is set to get a pay rise, but at what cost? .”

9News: Budget Breakdown 2018

Interviewed  Tony Shepherd, Former President, Business Council of Australia titled ” How is Australia losing its competitive position? .”

The week that was – 28 April 2017 .

Interviewed  Dr Andrew Leigh, Assistant Shadow Treasurer, Labor Party titled ” Where Labor says it would find cash for $17 billion education commitment .”

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