9News: Kaufland and Amazon set to disrupt the Australian retail market more than ever

Kaufland and Amazon set to disrupt the Australian retail market more than ever

Ross Greenwood: Kaufland – Think a cross between Coles and Kmart.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Lidl, Aldi’s big competitor…It’s also looking at Australia.

Well, Kaufland and Lidl are owned by the same family – the Schwartzes.

Steve Kulmar:  They could choose which one they bring to the market, or they could bring both…

Ross: Kaufland’s other big selling point?

In parts of Europe, its home market, it’s said to be cheaper than Aldi.

Barry Urquhart: Its innovative, creative, and very much focused on what consumers want on a day-to-day basis.

Ross: Kaufland is clearly looking hard at Australia.

It’s the early stages of a head-on attack.

Steve: They are a huge threat to Coles and Woolworths

Ross: While Aussie shoppers have a love-hate relationship with self-checkouts, Kaufland takes it to new levels.

Mobile phone apps let you scan your shopping as you move through the aisles.

Barry: The future has arrived and it’s spelt mobile.

Ross: But it’s not the only tech savvy retailer eyeing off Aussie shoppers.

Nine News discovered new details about Amazon trying to take a big bite out of our lucrative $105 billion a year grocery market.

New job ads on Amazon’s Australian website give more details about its intentions.

Steve: This is a company which has disrupted all retail in America and every other marketed enters.

Ross: In a job ad for a software development manager, Amazon boasts its fresh business will revolutionize home shopping.

You say you want a bunch of bananas, fresh bread from your local bakery, lamb cutlets, and a coffee maker, delivered to your doorstep between 5pm and 6 p.m. this evening – we say no problem.

Barry: Convenience is a click away.

Online and digital provides 24 hours of the day service at no extra cost,

Ross: Ross Greenwood; Nine News




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