Money Minute – April 17 2017 “Sign of the Times”

Money Minute – April 17 2017 “Sign of the Times”

Ross Greenwood: So Happy Easter Monday to you, right around the country.

Now listen here, the death over the weekend, of Emma  Morano – here she  is here 117 years old  in Verbania, in Northern Italy –  does bear some thinking about.. for Emma’s believed to be the last remaining person on earth born in the 1800’s – 1899.

Now, think of a young person – aged 18 this year. They will be the last person on earth born in the 20th century – 1999.

But what sort of world will they behind, compared with Emma Morano?

Considering when Emma was born, the Wright brothers were still four years away from the first manned flight –  Emma was 62 years old when Yuri Gagarin became the first man to fly in space.

The World Wide Web didn’t start until Emma was 92 years old in 1991, and the IPhone wasn’t launched until Emma was a 107, just  ten years ago.

So just imagine the breakthroughs an 18 year old will see in their lifetime.

Already there are breakthroughs by the week into cancer research,  the longevity of sufferers is improving by the year.

Other devices will become as common as a smartphone.

Personal health monitors may be implanted under our skin, may become part and parcel the way we look after ourselves and survive longer.

Now, over the weekend Apple obtained a test permit from Californian regulators for a self-drive car -the ICar.

Is it a step closer?

There’s no doubt that shared information, via the internet, is advancing technology at a faster rate than any time in human history.

But there we pressures ethical dilemmas about who receives advanced healthcare and who does not.

Whether advanced age causes more problems in society because of overpopulation, and the problem of who pays for old age.

But what is certain is that with advances in technology, an 18 year old today is much likely to live longer than even Emma Murano – who says her secret to old age was eating three eggs a day… two raw, one fried.

I wonder how many doctors would recommend that.


Markets are closed over the weekend… let’s have a quick look.

When see the dollar this morning, 75.9 US cents.

If we go further forward you can see oil prices right now $53. 18 US cents a barrel.

The Dow Jones index had a fall on Thursday rather down 138 points and our market on Thursday down by 43 points.

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