Pauline Hanson: I would rather Bruce Gordon, than CBS

Pauline Hanson gives her take on the same sex marriage vote and Bruce Gordon halting the sale of Network Ten to CBS

Introduction: Pauline Hanson’s take on same sex marriage

Ross Greenwood:  A couple of big issues to talk to, Pauline Hanson, about of course as the leader of One Nation has got an interesting stance on same sex marriage. Basically, in the views of Pauline Hanson and One Nation, it says that marriage between two people of the same sex is a social issue. One Nation believes that all Australians should have the right to vote in a referendum rather than a vote on the floor of Parliament. But she also says is that if it were to be determined by Parliament then One Nation members would be given a conscience vote.

Also, what she says is that same sex couples living in De Facto relationships should be afforded the same property rights as heterosexual couples as well. Pauline Hanson, the leader of One Nation on the line right now, many thanks for your time Pauline.

Interview with Pauline Hanson, Leader of One Nation Party

Pauline Hanson:  My pleasure thanks, Ross.

Ross Greenwood:  In regards to where this goes in terms of the Australian Bureau of Statistics doing what is now a voluntary postal vote as it were. Does it really change your stance in the way in which people should think about this issue and the way in which your party will also think about it into the future?

Pauline Hanson:  Ross, as I said it should be about us people and I still stand by that. Whatever the people want I’ll stand by it and so will my colleagues and all the senators. It is very important that people understand this and not just 326 members on the floor of Parliament.

Ross Greenwood:  Okay, this survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics goes ahead it’s non-binding of course we do understand that it’s a massive opinion poll. Would you feel as though you would be bound by the outcome of this particular survey once the results are in?

Pauline Hanson:  My opinion, yes, we should be, I don’t believe that if it comes out as negative that the Labor Party will agree with it or the green. I really don’t. I don’t think they’ll view this as a binding comment or the way the public feel about this. I am very concerned about where it’s going to go. I hope it’s not going to be a waste a 122 million. I personally think it should have gone to a vote of the next election where it didn’t cost the Australian people a 122 million. One could think of lot areas that I would dearly love to put a 122 million to struggling communities and areas that we could use that money far better.

Ross Greenwood:  Yes, certainly it could take the pressure off some peoples heating bill right now might be a good idea around the place. Can I take you to one other issue? Just before the Parliament rose for that recent session, you agreed to the passage of the media ownership laws, the change to those media ownership laws.

Pauline Hanson:  Correct.

Ross Greenwood:  That was done on the condition that there were significant restraints placed upon the ABC. Now, the next part about this is that quite clearly the issue of the 10 network has come up, the CBS network from America has been given the rights to buy it. It means clearly that L Murdock the chief executive of News Corporation has been put to one side. They’ve now mounted a legal challenge. In regards to where you stand with this particular passage of legislation, has your issue there changed at all?

Pauline Hanson:  No it hasn’t changed at all and as far as the owner of channel 10 I would prefer to see L Murdock and Bruce Garden to actually buy Channel 10 rather than CBS an American network that’s burning us. I think that CBS is a left wing and it is going to be the adjudication of ABC but with one commercial station with the right advertising. I think I’d rather see Australian Rupert Murdoch that was my stance with the negotiations that I did with the government. That it must be put on the register anyone who owns a foreign ownership of 2.5% and it goes to the current investment review board at 5%.

Ross Greenwood:  That surprised me in some ways because I would have thought given some of the treatment that you personally had experience at the hands of News Corporation in the past, you might not necessarily be their best friend in the world. That concentration of media ownership into the hands of in particular New Corporation might not necessarily have suited your philosophy more than anything else.

Pauline Hanson:  Ross, that is the case and I have been criticized greatly by a lot of media outlets who have sensationalized their stories and comments about me and the truth has not been projected to the people. But the whole fact is, I’ll go back to this, people have said that with their asset and everything in Australia, our land even our companies, everything is sold to foreign ownership.

I’m sick and tired of seeing that and if it means that I know people are out there saying, “But Rupert Murdoch is an American.” Well, the fact is he is Australian born, he has got Bruce Garden who’s Australian. Iit’s mainly in the hands of the Australian people, the ownership of it.

Do I want to see CBS come in here, another left wing organization, who knows what they’re going to portray on our station where people are watching us? I don’t know if it’s going to be any different with Rupert Murdoch if he owns it or Bruce Garden. The fact is they’re still Australians and I still rather see it in the hands of Australians before CBS.

Ross Greenwood:  Here is the question because Nick Xenophon quite clearly was after you given your agreement to layout the passage of those media ownership laws to go through the senate. Was Nick Xenophon who held them up on the grounds that he did not agree with you in regards to the conditions placed upon the ABC. Do you think this passage can come through the parliament quickly? Because the longer it takes the more likely it’s going to be delivered to the CBS.

Pauline Hanson:  Well, I’ve just got word that the media reform bill is going to be in the Parliament on Monday.

Ross Greenwood:  It is going to be interesting.

Pauline Hanson:  Yes, it is. I briefly said to Nick I want to have a talk with him today about the media reform bill. He had a concern about some fear and balance. I think it should be in their chair anyway. It’s not introducing anything different I don’t know what the problem is and why shouldn’t be everything fair and balanced. I think any organization, especially ABC is Australian funded why shouldn’t they be fair and balanced in their reporting?

I’ve got a lot of support letters and common sense voters. We’ve seen too many opinionated journalists that I have seen over the years that are pushing their own agenda. If you have a right wing opinion, you’ll shut down, you’ll criticize. They don’t put a balanced view across you put your side across, that’s all I’m asking. If you want to do a story on me and any organization, it’s not just about Pauline Hanson. It’s about any story that you do, have that side of the argument and let people judge.

Ross Greenwood:  It’s always good to have you on the program, Pauline. Pauline Hanson the leader of One Nation here. Two important issues quite clearly, same sex marriage plus the passage of those media ownership laws. I got to say Pauline you didn’t come down the way necessarily that I expect you to do on that situation. It’s interesting just to say and we always appreciate your time here on the program.

Pauline Hanson:  My pleasure Ross, bye.

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