9News: Your shopping bill is in your hands

Your Shopping Bill

Peter Overton: Consumers, who complain supermarket prices are rising too quickly, have been told to reassess their shopping habits.

An exclusive study for Nine News, reveals the real price of groceries is in the shoppers hands.

Ross Greenwood: For each of the past five years, supermarket prices have been flat or falling.

Amerigo Gerace: We’re selling certain things for the same money we were selling them for five years ago.

Ross: But if your bill is still going up, have a quick look in your basket.

Because consciously, subconsciously, you’re probably buying more stuff.

The trick to smarter shopping cheaper is unit pricing…comparing the price per kilo or litre.

Dr Gary Mortimer: By actually comparing that number o the ticket, that unit price, were able to make consumers make more informed decisions.

Ross: Award-winning greengrocer, Amerigo Gerace, has seen shoppers behaviour change.

Amerigo: They do look at a ticket, they are looking for value. When they see the value, they’ll buy.

Ross: The next step is to resist buying more, that’s harder than you imagine.

Voxie: You do try and stockpile if you can, for a later date…whether you use it or not I don’t know.

Ross: A really good example of this is butter or margarine.

Most people are pretty loyal, only around a third of people will change brands.

But those changes also, they look at the price boards – it goes top around two thirds people who say they would swap brands.

But of those people, half say they will go for a bigger size.

People are trying to buy more, for the same price.

The same is true of tomato sauce, teabags, toilet paper, sugar, rice and bottled water.

But where brands are strong, like coffee, it’s a different story.

Gary: People are very passionate about brands of coffee. In most cases, shoppers stay within the brand, but just bought the larger packs size.

Ross: For those who get serious with unit price shopping, the savings are real.

Queensland University research suggests $1700 a year for a typical family, unless you upsize of course.

Voxie: Maybe my tastes have changed, maybe I’m buying more expensive  brands

Ross: Ross Greenwood, Nine News

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