Should the Royal Commission be extended?

Ross Greenwood speaks to Senator Peter Whish-Wilson after he has passed a motion in the Senate which calls on the government to extend the banking royal commission.

Interview with: Peter Whish-Wilson, Senator, Greens



Is this man responsible for the Royal Commission?

Are we headed for a Royal Commission into Banks?

What impact will a Royal Commission have on the banks?

Has the banking inquiry got the green light?

Kate Carnell – Bank Levy

Why are the Nationals pushing so hard for a bank inquiry?

Big Banks under the spotlight

Anna Bligh CEO Australian Bankers Association

9News: Witness collapses at Royal Commission

Scott Morrison ‘deeply disturbed’ by AMP misconduct, ramps up ASIC’s power

Commonwealth Bank Shareholders hit hard

Commonwealth Bank’s culture and governance to be investigated

ANZ to enforce strict ‘no exceptions’ policy following Royal Commission revelations

Former parliamentary sectary says ‘banks have scoffed in the face’ of law

9News: Royal Commission


Image source: 2GB

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