Today Extra: “Many of these families are making money from having more children,”

There is a controversial push for the government to encourage poor families to have fewer children.

Ross Greenwood: The problem is in Australia that many, and let’s be really honest about this it, lets be brutally honest – it’s hard but it’s actually the truth – people are being paid to have children.

The government is paying significant amounts of money for people to have children and the more children they have, the more money they make.

And so as a result, if you are somebody who is on very low income, maybe without work, you actually advantage by having more children.

And so the problem of foster care and of caring of children, and many are looked after very well – I’ve got no doubt – but the issues are that because people think; so let’s say for example you have a baby: upfront $532, there’s a supplement on top of that almost $1,600.

In parental pay, you get 18 weeks if you’re working which works out to about $672 per week for 18 weeks.

Then Family Tax Benefit A works out to $182 per fortnight, $4,700 per year.

Family Tax Benefits B about the same.

So in other words, you were basically… before you’ve even got your pension, you know, you’re basically ten grand of the good per year

Shelley Horton: Can I just jump in here?

Ross: Yes

Shelley: It costs more than ten grand to raise a child! Like all of the food that you have to buy… all of it

Ross: No, no, no

Shelley: Yeah it does

Ross: Depends on where you’re shopping and depends on where you live and it depends on your family circumstances.

Many of these families are actually making money by having more children

“I’ll never be able to afford a house – and older generations don’t give a damn”

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