• Newsletter – Friday October 18 2019

    Newsletter – Friday October 18 2019

    “In a landmark speech by RBA Deputy Governor Guy Debelle about the housing industry, what he has indicated is he believes the housing construction industry is going to continue to fall. Now, if you consider construction is one of the biggest employers in Australia…not only could we end up seeing a further downturn in construction […]Read More »
  • Are house prices recovering?

    Are house prices recovering?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to CoreLogic’s Tim Lawless as the housing market is on track for recovery after property prices in Sydney and Melbourne increased by 1.7 per cent in September. Ross Greenwood: Let’s now go to home prices because today what you saw was that home price values in Melbourne and Sydney have been rising […]Read More »
  • The new supermarket war

    The new supermarket war

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci after Woolworths has posted a 56 per cent jump in net profit despite signs of a weakening consumer confidence in the retail market. Ross Greenwood: Brad Banducci, many thanks for your time. To me, it seems this result defies any talk of a retail recession. Your sales […]Read More »
  • Is Nuclear the answer to Australia’s energy crisis?

    Is Nuclear the answer to Australia’s energy crisis?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation former chairman Ziggy Switkowski, who led the Howard government’s review of nuclear power in 2006 , says today traditional nuclear power plant no longer has a place in Australia but there is an opportunity for a smaller nuclear power generator Interview with: Ziggy Switkowski, Former Chairman, […]Read More »
  • Why is Virgin slashing jobs?

    Why is Virgin slashing jobs?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Virgin Australia Group CEO Paul Scurrah who is confident Virgin Australia will thrive in the future despite announcing 750 job cuts after it posted a full-year loss of $349.1 million. Interview with: Paul Scurrah, CEO, Virgin Australia Group Image source: 2GBRead More »
  • Will Wesfarmers give up on Target after weak sales?

    Will Wesfarmers give up on Target after weak sales?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Wesfarmers CEO Rob Scott who says Wesfarmers is committed to improving Target’s performance despite it being the weak link in the company’s 2019 profit results. Interview with: Rob Scott, CEO, Wefarmers Image source: 2GBRead More »

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