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Finding the best personal loan fixed rate product tailored for your needs can be complexed and as a simple guide create a short list by finding the lowest rate with the lowest fees and then look for features that will give you all the flexibilities you need.

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  • Is the personal income tax rate too high?

    Is the personal income tax rate too high?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Australian Taxation Institute Senior Tax Counsel Bob Deutsch after the former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating says the top rate of personal income tax is too high Introduction: Is the personal income tax rate too high? Ross Greenwood: Something else, I noticed that our former treasurer, in fact, former prime minister, Paul Keating […]Read More »
  • 9News: Banking Pain

    9News: Banking Pain

    Peter Overton: One invalid pensioner told of how Westpac worked to evict her from her own home. Ross Greenwood: More dirty laundry was aired at the Banking Royal Commission today – this time, small business – which undated the inquiry with submissions. Kenneth Hayne: We’ve now received more than 5,500 online submissions. We do read […]Read More »
  • Excessive surcharges banned

    Excessive surcharges banned

    ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper says that from tomorrow Australian businesses will be banned from hitting customers with excessive surcharges Excessive surcharges banned Ross Greenwood:  Welcome back to Money News right around Australia. Well, as I’ve told you several times, tomorrow is September the 1st. The last quarter of the year, but there also is […]Read More »
  • What’s driving up fuel prices?

    What’s driving up fuel prices?

    Ross Greenwood speaks to Geoff Trotter, from Fueltrac, about fuel prices and why you’re paying more for petrol at the bowser. Introduction: What is driving up Fuel Prices? Ross Greenwood:  Welcome back to morning news right around Australia. Well, if you are in this evening, Brisbane, you may be seeing petrol prices as you drive home […]Read More »
  • 9News: Discount Fashion

    9News: Discount Fashion

    Peter Overton: Tough sales environment for retailers is creating a new opportunities for shoppers to places you might not normally expect. Costco, most well-know for groceries and household goods, has become a fashion destination. Ross Greenwood: Shopping for clothes at Costco comes with one big tip… Christi Russell: Buy two, we have an excellent refund […]Read More »
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