Sydney house prices are starting to fall – but where will the market settle?

Sydney House Prices Falling

The Reserve Bank, regulators and the government have got their wish. Property prices in the white-hot Sydney property market are starting to recede.

It was first illustrated by CoreLogic earlier this month, and now backed up by research from the Domain Group. The median house price across Sydney, according to Domain, is down 1.9 percent in the three months to the end of September.

The problem now for those regulators – and for first home buyers and others who are keen to get into the market – is how much further the market has to fall, before it settles. Like a puddle, if you don’t know how deep it is, you don’t want to jump in.

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The regulators also have to be careful, because they helped to engineer the fall. They did it in an attempt to deflate the housing bubble that was emerging around the Sydney property market especially. They did it by limiting the amount of finance available to investors; by clamping down on interest-only loans for first home buyers; by requiring banks to hold more capital against their loan books. All this caused lenders to raise interest rates for investors; while holding down rates for owner-occupiers.

But more happened. Chinese banking authorities made it tougher for their nationals and developers to move money out of the country. Australia also cracked down on illegal foreign buyers. Piece by piece the picture for lower property prices was created. And now it’s complete.

The signs have been there for months: slower new home starts; easing house finance. The fact that Sydney house prices are falling will be taken with a shrug in other housing markets in the country. Perth and Darwin have suffered falls of almost 20 percent; Melbourne is now established as the market with the strongest growth; Brisbane might now finally play some catch-up.

In truth, for much of last year it appeared that Sydney house prices had got out of whack with the rest of the country. It is natural, obvious, that some form of catch-up had to be achieved, especially with Melbourne’s long-term faster population growth-rate.

There’s no doubt that regulators, for the time being, will do nothing with their settings. For them, a period of time where Sydney prices ease – or go sideways – will be welcome. If banks and the economy can manage the slow-down, it will also ease the concerns of international banks and credit ratings agencies that have watched Australia with alarm in the past three years.

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And, if more Australians knuckle down and pay down their mortgages, rather than flipping from house to house with ever-increasing mortgage debt, it will also take some pressure over the nation’s world-leading debt-to-income ratio.

What Australia does not want, does not need, is a housing price collapse. That would trigger unemployment and possibly the first recession in more than 26 years. What Australia needs is for the regulators to be right in their judgment: that they can quietly take the steam out of the market, without triggering a bust.

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