The moment Usain Bolt doubted his retirement, ‘I wasn’t happy’

Ross Greenwood speaks exclusively to the World’s Fastest Man – Usain Bolt – and reveals the one moment which made him second-guess his retirement and what he has planned for his retirement.

Introduction: The moment Usain Bolt doubted his retirement, ‘I wasn’t happy’

Ross Greenwood:  Well, I have the great man himself on the line right now, Usain Bolt. As I said, he’s teamed up with Kohl’s supermarket and created a line of hot sauces their launching this week across Australia. What is a man who’d not been about hot sauces. Usain, just tell me exactly why did you come to this deal with Kohl’s?

Interview with: Usain Bolt, World’s Fastest Man

Usain Bolt: For me, I’ve always wanted my own hot sauce. I remember sharing to my team two years ago after having some jerk. I was like, “You know what? We should make some sauce.” They were like “Let’s wait. That’s too much.” Then when Kohl’s came along and wanted to do a deal, I was right opportunity to start with them because they are one of the biggest supermarket in Australia. To me, it was a no-brainer. We started awhile then, looking forward to the success and a long relationship with Kohl’s.

Ross Greenwood:  Here’s the interesting thing for you Usain. Given your success, you’ve won the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the 4 x 100 meter relays at three consecutive Olympic games. World record holder, of course. To now, have your post-athletics career. Is it a case where you’ve got to try and figure out what to do with yourself? How does that work?

Usain Bolt: No. For me, I choose what I want. I think I’ve done work for myself through the years. Everything’s going well. I’ve invested well. Sometimes you want to try different things, branch out in different ways. It’s something that we actually are doing right now, we’re trying different things. As you know, if you follow my career, you know I also want to start doing soccer now because I want a new challenge. I just want to do different things. I have a long life ahead of me. I’m just trying to diversify.

Ross Greenwood:  I was going to ask you about that, because think about the mental effort that you’ve put into your training and to making certain your body’s in good shape all those years, of course, as you say, you’ve got a long life. You have actually got to think about ways to occupy your brain to make certain you don’t make financial mistakes, but to also use, of course, your reputation, which is significant, to make certain you go into those right areas, isn’t that true?

Usain Bolt: It’s very true. It’s very true. You’ve got to do different things. I just retired, I’m really happy. I moved back, I’m having fun, staying busy, but I think the more my life goes on, I’ll need more things to do that’s why I’m trying to, as I said, diversify, finding things to occupy myself which can help me down the line. There’s other things that I want to do that is just in the part where I’m just fully working.

Ross Greenwood:  I was going to ask you one question. We saw some pieces in the paper about the Commonwealth Games and about Jamaica of course being beaten in the relay. Did you stop and ever think about whether maybe you should’ve been out there with them or not?

Usain Bolt: [laughs] I think watching them, specially in the sprints, because we always dominate the sprints. To not see them dominate, I wasn’t happy at all. At the time, it did cross my mind, I must say. After this phase, I’m retired, I just have to move on and try to help the younger generation get better and figure out ways to help them get to the top.

Ross Greenwood:  Well, I’ll tell your people, they shouldn’t be aware of this. This is done with MON Natural Foods. This is Usain’s Insane Hot Sauce. Three flavors. Mango & Three Chili, Pineapple & Jamaican Spice, and Original Jamaican Spice. Is it something that Australians would understand, the Jamaican spice? They’re not going to be too hot for us by any chance?

Usain Bolt: They’ll understand it. For me, it’s three different levels of hot. The original, it’s just for regular people. The pineapple is my favorite, which is the medium one. Then the three chili is the hottest one. It all depends on what you like or what you’re in to, so change up a little bit.

Ross Greenwood:  Well, I’ve got to tell you, it’s great having you in the program. The fastest man in the world, but also, maybe, one of the fastest to get a deal with one of our biggest supermarkets here in Australia, Kohl’s and also with that other food company which is MON Natural Foods as well. Usain Bolt, just wonderful to have a chat with you. We hope you enjoy your time here in Australia.

Usain Bolt: Thank you very much. Appreciate it.



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