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Recommended Interviews

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Interviewed  Ronan Sulich, Chrsitie’s Australia titled ” How did a $59 Da Vinci fetch half-a-billion dollars? .”

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Interviewed  Bloody Markus, Triathlete titled ” Triathlete Bloody Markus still firing at 85 .”

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Interviewed  Michael Rice, Rice Warner titled ” Why joint superannuation accounts for married couples make sense .”

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Interviewed  Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Wine-Maker titled ” What is “Super Grange”? .”

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Interviewed  Carolyn Mather, Finance and Risk Manager, Construction Training Centre titled ” The business where women get more super than men .”

Interviewed  Cathy Nance, partner, PWC titled ” Can you afford to retire? .”

Interviewed  Alan Williams, Pensioner  titled ” I’m ​62 and primed to work – but I cant find a job .”

Interviewed  Louise Davidson, CEO, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors titled ” Bringing in the big bucks .”

Money Minute – March 20 2017 – Super Fight